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domingo, junho 12, 2005


For the Los Angeles Times' great "Outside the Tent" feature: why doesn't the Times cover my beloved Orange County enough?

My first efforts for the MSM since my days contributing columns to the San Francisco Chronicle back in--wow!--2001. Right out of Chapman University, I was.

For ustedes who will click onto this site from other locations and try to figure out what this chap is about--bienvenidos! I didn't pick the ridiculous headline that goes with the story--mine would've involved naked Jesus murals and duct tape.

Come back to visit, ya here? Sure, the entries as of recent haven't been particularly lengthy--but I'll throw in an Ask a Mexican! every week if you come!

sábado, junho 11, 2005


Went rather well last Thursday--a live-on-tape episode of AirTalk recorded at Libreria Martinez. Was me, SanTana Councilmember Mike Garcia, SanTana Unified School District Trustee Audrey Nogi, Orange County Business Journal Editor Mike Lyster and all-around fool Lupe Moreno. Listen to the rebroadcast...um, they don't have a permanent link yet, so just go to the KPCC-FM website.

sexta-feira, junho 03, 2005

Um, didn't I post something yesterday? Or is it somewhere else?

quinta-feira, junho 02, 2005


My apologies for the lack of posts--that will change, considering an article I just wrote will bring in some new eyes. So, on with the Rotten history!

Jun 2 1999

Pope John Paul II blesses the Vatican's new underground parking garage. A miracle of modern technology!

Jun 2 2003

Thousands of defeated Iraqi troops marched on U.S. occupation headquarters in Baghdad, demanding to be paid. It is perhaps the first time in history a defeated army has demanded payroll from the victors.

quinta-feira, maio 19, 2005


Apologies for the non-postings--stories began exploding, namely the Orange diocese sex-abuse scandal.

Most blogging concerns itself with politics, whether concentrating on the left or right. When it comes to the rape of children, the blogosphere really doesn't seem to give a damn. The only people who care are those directly affected by or the reporters--such as myself--who have seen the Light--and the Light is wicked.

The apathy with which so many of my friends and peers greet the Catholic Church sex-abuse scandal is appalling. One professor claimed it is a conspiracy by Protestants, a conspiracy dating back to the day of the Pilgrims. Another friend criticizes me for not concentrating on the "good" that the Church does (she's a catechism teacher). Others just don't give a damn about anything. And the vast majority of parishioners consider it a thing of the past. "Let bygones be bygones" goes the sentiment.

Problem is, this is the Roman Catholic Church. Bygones are never bygones here. The repercussions of this will reverb across the Catholic world for decades to come. And, of course, no one will care.

terça-feira, maio 03, 2005


This morning, as his head picture and story, the Florida mucker posted a story about the world's largest hamburger.

Like the Drudge Report, but he's no good as a radio host--too whiny, not blustery enough like his cohorts on the right side of the dial.


For you political junkies out there (especially those on the Left), there is something called sports. Those "masses" you seek to liberate could care less about Che or Hannity--they want their Dodgers and football. In fact, the only time pundits give a damn about sports is when issues of race come into play, such as the recent firing of the Oklahoma University baseball coach.

His crime as reported by the Times:

The network reported Friday that Cochell, who is white, made the remarks in discussing freshman outfielder Joe Dunigan III during separate conversations with broadcasters Gary Thorne and Kyle Peterson before the Sooners' televised game last Tuesday at Wichita State.

Cochell said to Thorne: "There are honkies and white people, and there are niggers and black people. Dunigan is a good black kid," and told Peterson, "There's no nigger in him."

I'm sure the Fabulous Right will howl at the double standards in this society, where white people cannot make such remarks but Chris Rock can. Go ahead. Howl. Wasn't that a funny bit? Isn't Chris Rock a genius? Oh, he's not? He's offensive? So why aren't Cochell's comments as offensive?

Let's wait and see how the Fabulous Right reacts. In the meanwhile, Pat Robertson thinks the judicial system is more dangerous to the Republic than Al Qaeda.

segunda-feira, maio 02, 2005


As if acknowledging their shoddy coverage of our beloved county just three days earlier, the New York Times covers the El Morro scandal.

No arguments on my behalf--they even mentioned Chuck Devore's pay-to-play role in the fiasco. Although Chuck vehemently disagrees with my take on the role El Morro contributions played in his obsession with the matter, I respect his support of the blogosphere, as evidenced by his own blog (which I can't link to at the moment for some bizarre reason) and the constant posts on OCBlog. Maybe John Campbell can learn something (again, can't link at the moment--damn blog!).

While others may have celebrated May Day across the globe, let's keep the following in mind courtesy of the world's greatest website:

May 1 1776

Adam Weishaupt founds the Bavarian Illuminati, the secret society which controls your mind as part of its plot to overthrow organized religion and control the global economy. If you don't believe it, ask yourself what novus ordo seclorum is doing on your dollar bill.