A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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quarta-feira, novembro 21, 2001

Amusing email correspondence between myself and one of my newspaper bosses:

His email excerpt:
> oh, i forgot to mention this to you: one of the reasons i got distracted
> from answering my emails yesterday was DT swang by the office. as
> was pitching me story ideas, he mentioned he spoke at some deal at
> park featuring mexican punk bands.
My response:
>I knew about the event;
>however UCLA is my wife right now while the Weekly is my mistress >and social
>activism is the girl who I once loved and still think of a lot but I had to
>dump her.
His response:
>very funny.

Funny, sad, yet true. Perhaps I should get a divorce or only have one love. But intellectually, I like to sleep around. People-wise, ha! I'm a one-love person. Do I have my priorities wrong? I sure don't think so.

Ate lunch with PS today. Came down from Berkeley for the Thanksgiving holiday. Has turned into a lush yet is surprisingly lucid. He introduced me to a very sweet Mexican wine today. I didn't even know Mexico produced wine.