A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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ter├ža-feira, novembro 20, 2001

I suffer from what Peirce termed "unlimited semiosis", the process in which one thought leads to another until perpetuity. Here is an example: while I was waiting for a phone call today, I thought of these things in this order:

-An review on a book claiming that Hitler was gay
-Stupid anti-Semitic websites
-the Chicano movement's similarity to Zionism
-Mexican nationalism
-the song "Mexico, Lindo y Perdido"
-Jorge Negrete, singer of that song
-Metropolitan Opera House in New York
-Arthur Toscanini and how he made the NBC Orchestra famous
-Leondard Bernstein
-Aaron Copland
-I like the Copland CD that I own
-Where is my Tigres del Norte CD?!

All in less than a minute. People think I have a good attention span; I don't. There's always thoughts going in and out of my mind. Doesn't mean I don't pay attention, though.

Went out with probably my dearest friend, AC. She is such a cool person. Had a good time, talked about her boyfriend, !, and school in general. She is doing fine, if a bit frazzled with school. I, on the other hand, just turned in my ROUGH draft of my term paper to my advisor to tear it apart. This holiday weekend will be a respite from academics--kind of. I have no readings but I have to finish three articles by Monday for my various publications. Wish me luck