A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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sexta-feira, novembro 30, 2001


The only good thing about being stuck at UCLA every Friday evening is that I'm forced to study. Granted, I spend most of my time on the Internet reading goofy things and posting to this Godforsaken blog, but when things need to get done, I do them. Exhibit A: the research paper for my LAS course. Got good feedback from my advisor, so I've spent the past 2 1/2 hours incorporating it. It'll be a good paper that I'll submit for publication, but that's in the future. I'm doing a draft that's good enough for an A for this course and that's it. Does this mean I'm slacking off? Of course not. I need to locate resources and do research that will take the course of an academic year. If it comes out good, I'll post it on my site. If it's bad, you'll know because I would not have received an A for this course.
My car is giving me problems. Again. Doesn't want to start when it's cold. I despise auto mechanics. I'm distrustful by nature (though that is slowly changing) but auto mechanics are the worst. They always suggest extra maintenance that is not necessary at the time. The defining moment of auto mechanics' morality for me was when I took my old Camaro for a tire rotation and the mechanic said I needed to buy new tires since they were on the verge of blowing out. When I refused, he wanted me to sign a paper absolving the shop of any damages if I were to crash due to a blown tire. I told him to change the damn tires and fast lest I take my business elsewhere.

This incident happened when I was about 17. When I sold the car about three years later, the tires had never blown. I hope that man goes someplace nice for trying to screw me over.
Before going to Westwood, I got stood up today by a friend which shall remain nameless and genderless. I was supposed to meet said friend at El Curtido, a great Salvadoran restaurant in Santa Ana (SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION: I DID A REVIEW ON IT FOR THE WEEKLY. CHECK OUT THE ARTICLE IN MY "ARTICLES" PAGE). I went but friend never showed up.

Perhaps there was a legitimate reason behind it and if it is, I'll forgive. Though I hold strong grudges, I forgive easily and completely. Nevertheless, I hate being stood up. I hate saying to meet at a certain place and the person coming late. Many of you know my strong feelings about this; many of you don't care. Don't worry: I love all of you--but I don't forget anything.

I am well. Hungry but well. The Salvadoran food was great. You missed out, nameless, genderless friend.