A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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domingo, novembro 18, 2001

To paraphrase Neruda (in one of his greatest poems): I'm explaining a few things...

Well not really. I just thought of that poem and realize I need to go buy the complete works of the Chilean megalomaniac. The greats are always megalomaniacs. I am a megalomaniac. I am not great.

I'm slowly starting to regain the academic swagger I had for the past four years. I did my short essay on Marxian and Weberian racial theory; I think it's great. But we'll wait for tomorrow...

I neglected to mention this in my post yesterday, but I went to the BRU meeting in LA at the invitation of DK. I also saw FH there, who was surprised to see me. I don't blame her; we hadn't seen each other in a month.

I never join groups, but I can objectively say which ones impress me. BRU impressed me greatly. Not only is their cause great, but the makeup of their members is my idea of the Great Society. They had Spanish and Korean translators and everyone spoke, from neophyte college students like myself to elderly Koreans (who, contrary to their stereotype, are incredibly friendly and gregarious) and Latinos. I declined to join but did vow to help them with my most powerful weapon--my literary mind. Articles on the BRU struggle will come shortly, God willing.