A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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ter├ža-feira, dezembro 04, 2001

I usually don't talk at political gatherings, not because I am devoid of commentary but because I want to give others the opportunity. But sometimes, I cannot be shut up.

Tonight, for instance. A bunch of people from the San Fernando Valley invaded my beloved Anaheim to rail against Mexicans. I present now the speech I gave to the City Council that was composed in two minutes. Nothing amazing, just speech:

Gustavo Arellano, Anaheim resident, son of a former illegal immigrant. City Council Members: Today, we have yet another of what seems to be monthly circus gatherings where the same organizations bring up yet another hare-brained proposal or offer comments that would be hilarious if they weren't so ludicrous. The City Council largely ignores their recommendations and I commend the Council for that. However, I also feel that it is the moral obligation of the City Council to put an end to this charade and publicly out this group for what they are--racists.

At this point, the racists--who vastly outnumbered individuals like me--started booing vociferously. Order had to be implemented and I stayed quiet. When everything calmed down, I resumed:

They claim to be about principle, about fighting illegal immigration and saving our nation. But in hearing their remarks and reading their literature, it is apparent that they are demonizing Mexicans and Mexicans only. I urge the City Council to publicly condemn these individuals, the vast majority who are not from Anaheim and don't give a damn about the real concerns of our city. Thank you.

As I left the podium, I heard cries of "Go back to Mexico!" and other epithets. I don't care. Their comments only prove my thesis. And if Uds. don't believe me, visit Glenn's page, which is to your right.

Few good people showed up, amongst them FH, AC, DR. A stupid incident happened with SS. I was being interviewed by a Spanish television station (I eventually was interviewed by 3 local stations and came out in all of them--just my luck). I don't particularly like to be interviewed, so I suggested that they interview SS, who speaks fluent Spanish (hell, better than me). But they didn't want him because he wasn't Mexican. Stupid corporate media. They are as guilty as Spencer of racializing illegal immigration. I'm glad I'm not part of that.