A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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domingo, dezembro 09, 2001

Long day yesterday (Saturday, that is), long day ahead of me, so I'll try to be as succinct as possible.

The protest versus American Patrol wackos was great. I did not involve myself in the protest since I was taking pictures except to combat one man who was harrassing a girl, demanding to know if she had ever dated a Mexican. The guy called me a jap. I look Japanese?! And another guy thought I looked Pilipino. Geez, don't I look a little bit Mexican? I'm going to post bizarre facts about me in the huge empty space to the right of this blog. My various ethnicities will be the first facts.

I was taking pictures in general as I thought NS would be covering the event. Then the glamorous Commie Girl, Rebecca Schoenkopf herself, came to the scene (remember, I can refer to known people by their full names). She told me I was supposed to be covering the event. Great. I had no notepad and now I have to do a story. And the pictures that I took were not that good.

After the protest, Rebecca and I went to the Hub in Fullerton to get something to drink. We both got something called Blended Italian Ice which seemed like a cheap derivative of Slurpees but was pretty good. The fact that she invited me caught me by surprise. We don't talk that often but we had a good time. She was just asking questions about my life--kind of like a date but without the romantic tension.

After she dropped me off back at my car, I went home and tried to prepare for my one final on Monday. It should be easy. Then went to ER's birthday party. The whole gang was there: NGF, the married folks AA-S & MS, JA. The weird thing is that they are the gang, as they all went to Chapman together. I entered their last year, so I'm not as close to the group as they all are collectively. But we had a good time. I usually have good times at parties even if I don't talk to anyone.

! is coming today. So many things have happened in these past six weeks (which feel like they passed by so fast). I'm sure she has tons of stories to tell me. I can only pray that it's in the same context as before. I'm sure it will. And so I will sleep well right now.