A Week in the Life of Gustavo

"Seems to think that if he fails to write, la migra will find him."--OC Weekly More merriment available at ronmaydon@yahoo.com

segunda-feira, dezembro 03, 2001

One more week before ! comes back, but what a week it will be. A summary is in order:
MONDAY/TODAY: Got my take home final. Is pretty hard but I already did it. Of course, it is a process and I will continue to work on it every day until Friday (I'll explain why down as I progress in my summary)
TUESDAY: Protest in Anaheim City Hall against wacko American Patrol, CCIR, Harald Martin, and a bunch of other anti-immigrants. Might talk, might cover the event. As always, will be amused at the moronicies of both sides.
WEDNESDAY: Am supposed to meet nameless, genderless friend (who, from now on, will always be known as such or NGF for short) for lunch yet again. NGF says that our lunch date will be met; we'll see. Rest of the day will be devoted to working on both of my 15-page papers and possible card session with JAM.
THURSDAY: Day before Taco Bell benefit show. Will submit opening monologue to group to approve. We shall all bask in glory of magnificent Saturday protest--for about a second. We're not like that.
FRIDAY: Actual show. But I will arrive late as I am exiled at UCLA as usual until 8PM. Damn. Also, this is my self-imposed deadline for both papers as the weekend will be slammed (as I will now explain).
SATURDAY: Huge protest at Anaheim City Hall. See TUESDAY for list of who will be there. Have a feeling it will get crazy. Will be there but must make sure not to get arrested. I have finals to finish! In evening, going to ER's birthday bash. Will gorge on free food and burn CD's. Fun.
SUNDAY: ! arrives. What time? No clue whatsoever. In meanwhile, must study for only in-class final.
MONDAY: Final in morning. Emancipation for about a month

And interwoven in all this are the usual random occurences that I alternately love and loathe. Bring on the week, bring on the protests and papers. But give me some chocolate while we're at it as I haven't tasted it in ages. Preferably See's but Reeses Pieces will do.