A Week in the Life of Gustavo

"Seems to think that if he fails to write, la migra will find him."--OC Weekly More merriment available at ronmaydon@yahoo.com

sábado, março 30, 2002

Did absolutely nothing today of any worth. Well, actually, got my hair cut. Also, RS saw me driving in my car, so he followed me all the way to my house in his little plastic car. I dote on him like a father.

Currently, I'm in what City Councils deem to be modern-day opium dens: game cafes. Those city councils need to lighten up. No violent gangs or anything remotely sediitious around here; just a bunch of dorks of all genders and ethnicities playing themselves silly. I'm a commie Nazi along with JAM and MM. They're such a nice couple and great individuals all around.

I've noticed that I've been calling myself a dork a lot as of recent. No loss in self-worth on my part at all; I'm still the same arrogant SOB as usual. It's just that I've been doing dorky stuff as of recent. When I do cool stuff (as in tomorrow's Hip Hop Hoodios concert), I'll call myself cool. Besides (in the immortal words of Milhouse Van Houten) my mom thinks I'm cool.

sexta-feira, março 29, 2002

JAM just left my house. Being the dorks that we are, we were playing computer games. As always, though, we had a good conversation about our lives.

He let me know that PM now has a girlfriend because (JAM's words), "He grew on her". I then made the observation that the only way people like us ever get girlfriends is by annoying them so much that they have to love us. Persistence, oh my brothers and sister, is the tool of love for the dork. Persistence and wit. And just the general good-hearted nature. At least that's how I am.
Haven't received an email in a while from a stranger...>

---Original Message----
Concerning your Pacific News piece, does the responsibility of making Cesar Chavez, the man, his legacy and the day that honors him, palettable to everybody else rest on the shoulders of Chicanos? Chicanos are proud to be kin to a man who fought for justice and against oppression within the American social-structure and those Chicanos who still stand for those priciples rightly lay claim to his legacy. For Cesar Chavez' efforts did not occur in a vacuum, there was a "Chicano Movement" which Cesar Chavez can and should be identified with. The fact that he represented immigrant workers from all over Central and South America should stay prominent in the minds of Chicanos today, also. However, white Americans as well as the various other Latino/Hispanic sub-groups who have a grasp of recent American history should do their part in educating others, especially their children, about the significance of this man. If it wasn't for the efforts of Chicano's, Cesar Chavez would have already been forgotten. Chicano's do not own the image or legacy of Cesar Chavez and if you feel an affinity to his efforts, do your part and teach your children about him.

My response:
Thank you for your comments. I think you answer any problems you might have with my article in your response, where you make the observation that if it weren't for Chicanos, Chavez would have been forgotten. I agree. But now that he is not forgotten, Chicanos have the duty to maintain his legacy lest it is warped like that of Martin Luther King, who is invoked by conservatives at any moment despite the fact that they despised him when he was alive. I believe Chavez is best remembered as someone who fought for all the oppressed (which he did, as you and I know but not others), not just Chicanos. Chicanos have to keep this in mind when presenting him to a larger audience. I hope this answers any concerns you might have with my article.


Gustavo Arellano

Pretty civil, no?
Got a call today from ! right before she was to leave for Vancouver. What did we talk about? Buses.

quinta-feira, março 28, 2002

Spent most of the day today thrusting corn for pictures. How perverse does that sound? Nevertheless, I cannot lie: I enjoyed it. Curious? Read the Weekly in the coming weeks and find out...

Going to some meetings soon. Missing is setting in. Arabic food is good.

quarta-feira, março 27, 2002

Yes, I have changed the template for my blog for the first time in months. Why? Because I accidentally erased a tag-line in the HTML template of my last template that meant that I couldn't post anymore. For being a dork, I sure am bad with computers. I'll try to constitute my friends on this page again.
Shall we write a bit on something other than Gustavo? No

Recently, I have been taking care of RS, one of the most travieso 3 year olds anyone will ever encounter. He is the son of my cousin A and his father is from the rancho. Since she works at night and sleeps during the day, J (R's father) takes care of him. Since I really have nothing to do right now and J is working next door to me, I take care of R.

The kid is so damn charming and assured that people love him. Every morning this past week, he marches to our door, shouts "Ya llegue, Gustavo! and insist that I close the door once he enters. R proceeds to wreck havoc on my house, making me give him food and not finishing it.

He is so incredibly cute! ! just adores him to death and I gave her a picture of him as a gift (she says she's going to date him). Taking care of him also gives me a small taste of what parenting must be like: tiring but ultimately rewarding as you give your all to the raising of a human being.
OC Latino is slowly being built. It should be good but as always, I will keep my comments until we see. So many people champion me as a good, talented writer but I guess I still don't see myself that way. Hell-raising muckraker, yes; reputable journalist, never. But that makes me happy.
! and I said our goodbyes yesterday after drinking a coconut milk drink with those little boba balls. I think we make a nice couple.

terça-feira, março 26, 2002

There is so much stupidity online I don't even know where to begin. Well, this site, for instance. But those that know the ridiculous sites I regularly read will agree with me on this. I suggest you see my friend Glenn's website to check it out (just go to your right and see the true nature of us Mexicans).

More stories are to come, but this day is devoted to !. What can I say except that ! is !!

domingo, março 24, 2002

I've given up hope on an article I wrote for the San Francisco Chronicle seemingly ages ago on the politics of Latin music. Time to sell it to someone else...

Spent yet another great day yesterday with !. This time, she and me escorted her friends LL and T (sorry, don't know her last name!) around Arab Anaheim and Little Saigon. They're a swell bunch of ladies and have seemed to taken a shining to me. I think this makes !, shows that I'm not that weird and that people think I'm cool (well my mom does).

Afterwards, went to Corona del Mar to meet up with NB, who is a pretty cool guy. The environment itself was kind of boring, though, especially since there was a guitar and no one was really playing it. I made an effort, straining to pick out "Blackbird" and at least I remember it, no? But the song takes practice, as does so much else in this world in order to do good.

Time to start writing three articles. The next two days beckon with thoughts of food and warmth.

quinta-feira, março 21, 2002

Let's write a lot since as of recent, we've written a little

I went back to one of my alma maters today: Chapman University. I was on assignment from the Jewish Journal to cover a Holocaust conference held at the school. The topic is interesting but the opening speaker was unjustly boring. I slept throughout the lecture I was supposed to be covering, waking up only to write great quotes in my journal that I will use for my article. God has blessed me, indeed. Ate three bagels along the way (have I ever mentioned how delicious they are?!)

Afterwards, I hung out at the school for a while and the old friends started pouring in: CM, GA, MG, PD, AB. It was good to talk to them. Yes, they all receive my infamous e-mails and no, they don't read them. Punks. But they're all good. I spent most of my time talking to MA, a good guy who is too good for his own good. We talked for a bit and promised to get together soon. He is someone I definitely miss.

Afterwards, I picked up ! and we went to Huntington Beach to ride bikes. However, the wind was so powerful that we tried to fly her kite instead. "Tried" is the key word because the wind was so damn powerful it kept making it nose-dive into the sand. At one point, it looked as if we were in a desert and the Ruby's Diner at the end of the pier looked like a minaret in Makaresh.

After getting a bite to eat in Little Saigon (it was Interracial Relationship Day because we saw another couple, although he was white and we were cooler than them), we went to another meeting with friends we hadn't seen in a while: NH, FH, R, VZ, JR, and others. They were cool, although a cute kid wrecked havoc and not much was accomplished.

Going to Easlos proper tomorrow with ! (not Boyle Heights and, yes, there is a major difference). Going to take her to see more murals, maybe even visit my grandmother, and eat at the original King Taco. Thank God for vacations because that has been when we have the most fun.

And as always, never a dull moment.

quarta-feira, março 20, 2002

I have discovered that drinking too much milk in one sitting wrecks havoc on one's digestive track. I found out the hard way. But besides that, finals are done and I'm doing fine. Just need to meet with editors who aren't to be found.

segunda-feira, março 18, 2002

I tried listening to an Internet radio broadcast, but due to my 56K connection, it kept faltering. Or was it the radio show? The guy kept saying he had a bad connection.

Spent most of the day with ! today cooking. My mother taught her how to make enchiladas while ! taught me how to make some sort of salad rolls. They were delicious, if a bit sloppily-made by me. It was fun.

Final final is tomorrow, after which about a week of bliss follows. After that, the deluge.

domingo, março 17, 2002

I'm still against the whole Direct TV thing because I feel our family can use better entertainment but I must admit, there are some cool programs out there. Like "Cannibalism: The Ultimate Taboo" or "The World's Best Bathrooms", an entire hour devoted to the best places on the planet where you can (insert euphemism or crude word here). And of course, I can see Warner Bros. and Tom and Jerry cartoons every evening. Screw the evening news: these cartoons teach me more about the world.

On a very sad note, Josie Montoya, Anaheim activist, died yesterday. She was fighting for her community until the very end. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.

sábado, março 16, 2002

According to the Drudge Report, there was an earthquake off the Southern California shore. I sure didn't feel anything. Then again, I've been in a typing hypnotism all day, which is about to finish.

! got in a car accident. She is fine, but the car is totaled. Her neck is hurting her a bit but nothing too serious (we hope). Yesterday, I got the chance to meet two more of her friends, L and T. The evening was well, although I got off to an inauspicuous start by talking too much about myself and taking up too much space. But I think that both of the lovely ladies liked me and deemed me suitable for !. I hope.

Finals week is coming up next week but there is nothing really to worry about. Articles are swarming like crazy. Nothing else to report except I should eat better and people think I'm wasting away,.

sexta-feira, março 15, 2002

OK. Everyone now turn their attention to ronmaydon.blogspot.com Free blogging will rule!

Will turn in a substantial entry tomorrow. Many things have happened, so I'll say one: Gracias, virgencita, por proteger a la gente que yo amo

quarta-feira, março 13, 2002

Upon further review, I will continue to post on Blogger until I die. But this means I will have to find a new way of doing it since I'm deciding not to pay Yahoo! for services they've offered free for so long. Fight the power (though please do not note my hypocrisy in still keeping a Yahoo! domain)!

terça-feira, março 12, 2002

According to Yahoo!, I'm going to have to start paying to the right to post my blog online unless I pay a minimum of $4.95 a month. Should I do it? Deadline is March 30--not coincidently (I think) the date of another departure, physical for sure, who knows about the rest. Uds. know what's up.

segunda-feira, março 11, 2002

The Taco Bell protest should be wrapping up as I pound out these letters in UCLA's Powell Library. I should be there, getting the angles that being actively involved with the campaign for nearly half a year brings. But instead, I gave a listless presentation on a paper of which I was not proud.

I want to write. I so want to write. And I am. But I don't know where. Preferably here, but I'm not even sure of that anymore. Oh well, all I can do is keep on praying that the crazy hands that have been happening for the past year or so keep falling as they have.
Let's be quick:

Spent all of yesterday in LA with ! and her friend T (didn't get his last name). Protested, ate Arabic fast food, had a great time. She asked him how I was; he said I was "chingon". Couldn't have put it better myself.

More to come but I need to get to class. In the meanwhile, let me offer this code:

Don't uproot a plant right when it's about to bloom

and the following one:

"Gym? Oh, gym!"

sábado, março 09, 2002

Sometimes in the search for truth, you forget what you were looking for in the first place

Why do I say this? No reason at all; just something which popped into my mind that I considered particularly eloquent.

I am currently writing my final for my historiography class and needless to say (but I'll say it anyways), it's pedantic. Last year, I revelled in writing such boring prose; now I hate it. Attribute this to !, which proves once again that formerly immovable objects can change with time, but only by prodding. But they do change.

sexta-feira, março 08, 2002

Quick note to those who read: for some reason, my Zurdok article that I wrote for the Weekly this week isn't accessible online at the moment. Not my fault: blame the people who handle web-stuff for the Weekly. No really, blame them.

Now I am Case Study #1 in How to Make it into Alternative Journalism without Really Knowing Anything. Guillermo Swaim shared with me that he used my example in giving a speech to the journalism people at my alma mater. Surprisingly, everyone knew who I was. More surprisingly, everyone knew my work, even some of my harder-to-understand articles. Once again, I underestimate myself and my talents. Maybe I should visit the school more.

My stomach is somewhat better, but there seems to be a new set of worries thrown on my intestinal furnace every time it seems to be flickering away. Newest fuel: writer's block.

quinta-feira, março 07, 2002

I have a sense of sadness that can only be explained by rejection. I have a sense of joy that can only be explained by Divine Intervention. I have a sense of bewilderment that can only be explained by the many options available to me in life. I have a sense of assuredness that can only be explained by the fact that I'm an arrogant prick.

In short, I am human and so are the people that I talk to every day. But sometimes I forget this in the exhilarating, maddening rush that is life.

quarta-feira, março 06, 2002

We are victorious, at least in Anaheim. Meanwhile, Davis is turning out to be a bona-fide fascist while the Republican Party has further proved why it is perceived as a bunch of elitist buffoons. We already have the boy with the silver spoon in his mouth in the Oval Office; how about another one in the California governor's mansion?

Going to a concert today with ! (who deserves such a break after two months of literal hell), ER, NGF, AAS and her husband M, and possible AAS's sister. Going to see Si*Se, a great collective of Dominicans and Nuyoricans. Time to start having fun.

segunda-feira, março 04, 2002

Went to the doctor at UCLA to check me regarding my ailing stomach. The lady who attended me was a nice Morrocan light years away from the terse Filipina who weighed me and measured me. Here are my vital stats: Weighing in at 146 lbs. and measuring 5'7/12", the Man who Talks too Fast and Writes Even Faster, Gustavo "Cosmo" Arellano!

146 lbs. About a year ago, I weighed 167 pounds. I've lost twenty pounds in a year, folks. I attribute it to a summer of swimming every day and meeting the ever-magnificent !. Yes, she has made me lose weight, although it is an unintended benefit from spending time with her.

Nothing seems to be wrong with me in my tummy; no strange lumps, hard or bloated abdomen, or anything too crazy. That's the outside. Tests will be coming soon on what's going inside. So I went through some tests. I'll leave it up to Uds. to guess throughwhich orifice the tests were conducted .

domingo, março 03, 2002

My stomach is hurting me. And that's affecting most of my life right now. Of course, thanks to the great way medicine is set up in this country, I won't be able to see a doctor until later next week. In the meanwhile, all I can do is pray that nothing is serious.

sexta-feira, março 01, 2002

CC has leukemia. This, following last year's diagnosis of IR having the same disease. Both from my same group of friends pertaining to Chapman University. Both very young.

The usual existential questions pop up. Or if not existential, then angry questions to God. I won't ask them and I doubt either of them will (CC, in particular is such a devout Catholic she scares me. She belongs to an exclusive Bible study group. An exclusive Bible study group. The thought is frightful). But some of us will, if not already.