A Week in the Life of Gustavo

"Seems to think that if he fails to write, la migra will find him."--OC Weekly More merriment available at ronmaydon@yahoo.com

sexta-feira, abril 26, 2002

I think I might finally make the jump and start www.gustavoarellano.com. As faithful readers will note, I've been toying around with the site for a while and it's still pretty cheap. I want a site that reflects the quality of my work--i.e., it must somehow burn bridges and injure all around me except me.
Before I left to visit !, it was cloudly and drizzly. During my time in Portland with !, it rained and was chilly. In the two weeks since I visited her, it's been cloudy and drizzly. My stereotypical Southern Californian sensibilities cannot take this anymore; I need sunshine!

Songs about sunshine, or that have the sun as an important ingredient...
My Girl-The Temptations ("I've got sunshine/On a cloudy day")
Good Morning, Sunshine-Don't know, but was from the musical "Hair"
Sunshine of Your Love-Cream
Good Day, Sunshine, Here Comes the Sun, Sun King, I'll Follow the Sun-The Beatles
Sunshine Supeman-Donovan

There's a ton more than I'm sure I can think of, but I need to do other things