A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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quinta-feira, maio 30, 2002

I am back.

Anyone reading this probably knows that I recently published an article regarding soccer and its sociopolitical significance to immigrants. I have been receiving so many emails, that I decided to resume this blog project just to post them. I might start retelling my life story here, but for the meanwhile, I will post emails that I have received with my responses. Some are good emails and I respond in kind. Others are ridiculous and I respond in sarcastic kind. I will post all of them at a later time, but let's start the fun with one of my all-time favorites emails...

I read your article about why Latin American immigrants to the USA cheer against the USA. Because of "payback". Payback for what? For taking them out of poverty and providing with a life that so few people in this world can only dream of? "Payback" for allowing you people to sneak in here and smuggle tens of billions of dollars out of our economy every year? "Payback" for our citizens vacationing in Mexico and spending money there? Why don;t you Hispanicks demand Spain repay you for all the gold they stole? Now do you see why you Hispanicks are not wanted here??? All you people do is hate the uSA and sneak in here with an attitude that we owe you. And it isn;t
just Mexicans, it's ALL Hispanick groups.That we are the reason why you people are poor. No other immigrants act that way. they are very loyal to us for allowing them to come here and prosper.

The problem isn;'t "payback", the problem is you people are tremendously loyal to the former great Spansih Empire, and therefore must see the USA/UK/"Anglos" as the rivals. And macho Hispanick pride will not allow Hispanicks to be outdone by their rivals on the world stage. And so you people feel humiliated and that humiliation turns into hatred. Of course you can;t say that's the real reason why you Hispanicks hate the USA, so you come up with guises such as "payback". Maybe you can write an article explaing the blind love, devotion and loyalty Mexicnas and all other Latin Americans have for the spanish. The same peopel that destroyed your wonderful Aztec society and culture, stole all your gold and left you people in abject poverty so you have to sneak into other countries.

My response...

Your assumptions about "Hispanick" culture are hilarious considering you can't even spell the word right. Go take some grammar lessons, then let's talk.