A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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sábado, junho 22, 2002

Here are some more letters: some verbatim, others told from memory since I accidentally deleted them. The first is from a man who still cannot get over my PNS article on why many immigrants will not root for the United States in soccer...

Now that Mexico has LOST to the U.S. in World Cup Soccer, why don't you do another guest column for the SF Chronicle justifying (in your mind) the actions of all of the immigrants who yelled and cursed at various places in the United States while the U.S. national anthem was played prior to the game. Or, cannot even you justify a totally tasteless & classless act such as that?

Like I said before, the game (and that is ALL it was) is over, Mexico and half the drug-producing South American countries are still third-world, lousy places to be with corrupt governments, and, still, no one is trying to enter those countries illegally. Nothing has changed except the number of illegals entering this country! U.S. 2, Mexico 0! ...now, on to the World Series!

My response...

Why would I justify the action of boorish sports fans? But you see—bless your racist heart—you attribute this lack of class to the fans’ ethnicity. When Piston fans earlier this year booed the Canadian national anthem when the team played the Toronto Raptors, did critics blame their nationality for their insolence? No. Everyone—except you, it seems—knows that sports does weird things to people and is much more than mere athletes.

BTW, are you up in arms about German immigrants rooting for Germany against the States? Of course not; they’re not Mexicans.

Now here's a genuine piece of fan mail. It is in this week's Babasónicos. It was well-written and researched; erudite yet accessible; poetic, intellectual and earthy—and graciously free of bitchy, overly colloquial, self-aggrandizing bad writing. Hey, what’s this guy doing at the Weekly?

Which one of you freaks has assumed a pseudonym and try to give me a good reputation?

The following is my recollection of an e-mail that AG sent me yesterday. This is her reaction to seeing my website for the first time (I'm assuming, more specifically my blog)...

My god! It's bitter, sarcastic, funny, and sweet--just like you.

Thus is me...

Today was a wasted day. Did my research for my upcoming article, went to eat with EV, who told me he broke up with his girlfriend. He's all right, but now we have another thing in common. Never got a call back from PM to see if we were going to see the Barrera-Morales fight. Didn't see it after all, but I'm glad Barrera won, even if he is a pinche chilango.

Played more FIFA World Cup, this time with England. Spain whipped me twice. Now imagined if that had happened in Elizabethian times?