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domingo, junho 30, 2002

Here's a pleasant response to my recent Jewish Journal article on how Jews can sell Israel to Latinos...

As Jews in Los Angeles have been warned of the possibility of terrorist attacks targeting them it is astounding that you would suggest we have to "sell" ourselves to "Progressive Latnos"! If Latina girls are calling themselves Palestinians i.e. terrorists then there is only one good reason: they're fools. And, if the Mexican community has one reason for supporting us Jews in our time of crisis it is because we provide most of the jobs, legal counseling and medical care that draws them across the border! I say fuck you!

My response...

With all due respect, your comments are unwarranted (especially regarding Mexicans; please remember that my article dealt with Latinos, not specifically Mexicans). I'm sure we both agree that there is much disinformation being spread about the reality of the Israeli/Palestinian crisis. However, Palestinian student organizations have done an amazing (in the literal sense) job of getting their view across while Hillel rests mostly on its sense of having the higher moral ground. While this is correct, it's also insular and explains why there's so many progressive Latinos supporting the Palestinian cause and not as many even bothering to know what Jews are doing. It's not stupidity; it's knowing more about one side because the other side doesn't engage in information battles. Thank you for your response.

I expect more letters to come shortly...
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