A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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ter├ža-feira, junho 25, 2002

I went to the gym today for the first time in almost a year. I've always had a membership to Bally's but I never use it much because I always have more interesting things to do. Sculpting my body has never much appealed to me nor keeping my weight down. I've always been a skinny guy with a bit of a stomach but nothing so drastic as to call for a diet (besides, I would rather get obese than diet; no one will prohibit me from food!).

They have done a lot of remodeling to the place, namely knocking down walls to make it more of a meat market than it tends to be. If you watch television, you'll remember that Bally's has those near-pornographic commericals aimed directly at women essentially stating that your reason for living is to please a man. These commercials come with many erect nipples--as if women are getting sexual release from jumping up and down.

I usually go at 6 in the morning and therefore am accustomed to seeing old Korean men and Latinos. I went tonight around 8PM and was astonished to see so many young people. I wasn't astonished to see four guys gang up on a girl and the girl loving the attention. Some things never change: mainly my disgust at the singles scene.

The only thing I usually do at the gym is walk and go to the sauna. I have no self-discipline in terms of sticking to a workout routine. I do believe this is the only thing on Earth where I have little self-discipline. I'll take that.