A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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quinta-feira, junho 06, 2002

My article on soccer for Pacifc News Service made the online edition of the Wall Street Journal. Look at what they have to say...

Hooray for Assimilation

The World Cup, which is apparently some sort of big soccer tournament, is now under way. Gustavo Arellano of the Pacific News Service writes that many immigrants root for their home countries' teams instead of America's--"a fact that many nonimmigrant Americans see as tantamount to treason." Actually, their lack of enthusiasm for the American team strikes us as evidence that they've thoroughly assimilated. After all, how many people who were born here even know there's an American soccer team, let alone cheer for it?

Freaking idiots. Tell that to all the American soccer fans who nearly had a heart attack after the U.S.'s 3-2 victory over Portugal yesterday--all 12 of them