A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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sábado, junho 22, 2002

One of the things I enjoyed the most about this past year at UCLA was doing the Daily Bruin's crossword puzzles. I especially liked to do them before my Theories of Ethnicity class because it prepared me for the rigors of going up against people both older than me and doctoring in the Sociology field under which the class was offered.

It was rigorous. I come from a film background, so dropping names like Milton Gordon, Fredrich Barthes, and Beyond the Melting Pot was considerably difficult when I had never heard of these people in the first place. But leave it to my always-curious mind, my unstoppable will to succeed and (despite what others may assert) my embracement of learning new things to give me an A- in the class.

Going to go out in the field to do research for some upcoming stories. Should be fun--and filling. Hopefully, Barrera-Morales will be part of the nightlife equation, although based on my current situation, it probably will not.So I'll just play FIFA and get whipped by my Portuguese ancestors.