A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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quarta-feira, junho 19, 2002

Some eats...

Met up at Felix's with JT, the pompous asshole of my life. I told him at the end of our lunch that we had spent about 80% of our time debating about nationalism and its various manifestations despite the fact that we hadn't talked to each other in nearly a year. I said that this was the mark of true friendship. He agreed. He also agreed that we suffer from "The Curse of the Nice Guy." Almost sounds like a pulp novel, though the reality of it is closer to Gothic horror.

Was treated to a delicious cinammon bagel by my jefe WS. I pounded out another article today and he ruthlessly edited it but loved it. Will be published next week. I'm starting to enjoy having a routine schedule, even though I wish I exerted my self physically in ways other than leaning back in my chair.

Went to have Korean food with JR, who also gave me a wedding invitation to her own commemoration of the ancient ritual. The food was strange, to say the least, and not too tasty. But I'll have it again. Afterwards, we went to Starbucks and she treated me to a chai tea and a cinammon bun. I am still stuffed. Filled each other in on the ongoings of the past year. She's fun and recuperated herself, which is nearly impossible with me.

Afterwards came home and got my ass handed to me in soccer by seemingly half the Spanish Premier Division. Deleted my season in disgust, then started playing MLS. Was being worked 3-0. World class is hard. But if I want to succeed, I must endure my baptism by fire.