A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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ter├ža-feira, junho 04, 2002

Some more comments from the last person who wrote...

Oh really, you'll have to identify for me those expats that are anti-Shah.

Your point in your article is that "many" in the Iranian community celebrated their soccer victory as sort of a payback or in your face to the US for our support of the Shah. What's your proof for this Gustavo?

My response?

Proof? How about in the "many" Iranians that cheered here (as shown in my local LA media) during the 1998 Cup when Iran beat the States? In some of the expatriate Iranians that I know (and trust me, they despise the Shah AND the Ayatollah's with every fiber in their body) that consider the United States-supported coup of Mohammad Mossadegh to be the worst thing to have ever happened to their country and saw the Cup victory as the best way to "humiliate the arrogant Americans" (their words, not mine)? Do you want names? phone numbers? emails? Or should I have spoken to every Iranian in the States before forming an opinion based on my observations? Or maybe just you?