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domingo, junho 16, 2002

Will the fun never end? Here are some more responses to my PNS soccer piece. The first is a response to aresponse...

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I was suffering from a bad case of myopia. I would like to ask you, once more, to please define "sociopolitical anxiety", it almost sounds like an acute dermatitis. What is it? A theory? A conceptual framework? Let's hear it. So, white immigrants suffered when they first came to the US? You don't say. Please share with me something I don't already know. Unlike your beloved family, the names of my great-grand parents are set in marble on Ellis Island for all of eternity. You are familiar with Ellis Island and the treatment of white immigrants during the early part of the last century, aren't you? I believe you are a newcomer to the LA area because you short-sight second and third generation Hispanics (from Hispania of course). Anyways, as I drive around I often see these fine people driving their leased SUV's with that silly Mexican flag license plate. Or how about that "la migra" bumper sticker? No Way are these fine people first generation. Lastly, who elected you Hispanic spokesman of the month. You don't represent Latin America any more than I represent Europe. I fondly recall the Guatamalan I dated for four long years, he used to go out of his mind if anyone accused him of being Mexican, and I don't blame him.

Go Team USA (whoever they are).

ps. Did you catch any of the Stanly Cup. Of course you didn't, channel 52 didn't carry it.

My response...

Some thoughts...

I’ve been a Canadiens fan my entire life who took glee in haranguing my Bruins friends about Montreal’s continued dominance over Beantown. And I guarantee you I know more about the sport than you can ever hope to.

Does the fact that your family’s etched name in Ellis Island somehow make it better than those who are not? Tell that to a descendant of immigrants who came before the 1890’s, or all African-Americans, for that matter.

Concentrate on the immigrant framework I posited. Sure, some second- and third-generation descendant of immigrants keep ties to their homeland, but my article concentrated on the immigrants and no one else.

Get off your Mexico-bashing already; it’s getting tiresome considering that was one of eight countries I mentioned in my article.

The theory (not mine) of “sociopolitical anxiety” is based on the psychological concept of displacement and takes into account historical and political realities. Simply put, some people are extremely passionate about sports because they let other factors weigh in. Take Yankees-Red Sox rivalries. Or even the recent Sacramento-LA NBA series. Sacramento fans invested much more of their feelings into the series than LA fans due to a perceived inferiority complex.

Finally, no one elected me Hispanic spokesman of the month. If you see me as such, then you obviously don’t know anything
Uh, exactly what have Central American "immigrants" contributed to Los Estados Unidos?

Right. Not a damn thing except social pathologies.

And when the booing is over, soccer-loving immigrants -- relieved of any anti-American sentiments and proud that the motherland has won -- return to bettering this nation.

"Bettering this nation"? LOL ROLMAO The Mexican Mafia? Henry Cisneros? Selena? The lowrider? The Tex-Mex combo plate? Nasty spic bars? Christ, Jose, sober up before writing such bullshit next time.

My response...

Roger baby,

Nasty spic bars? Been having problems picking up Latinas?

Needless to say, you obviously don’t appreciate the cheap Latin American labor that makes your life indubitably cheaper. And remember: my article spoke about eight countries, not one region. So start throwing me the insults about Irish, Chinese, and Persians and we’ll call it even.