A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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domingo, julho 14, 2002

And the fan mail keeps coming in...

I know the mayoral campaign is long gone. Yet, regarding Andres Bermudez, were you personally for or against him?

My response...

I was absolutely for Bermudez. I think migrants are what have saved Mexico and will ultimately make it better. For Mexican politicians--who have done absolutely nothing for the country they claim to love dearly--to deny themselves of individuals like Bermudez is national suicide.
This one's from a complete stranger. Honest...

I was building my own geocities page and checking out others in the multiculturalism section, and found You. Bravo for posting something useful and intelligent! I appreciate your arts article on the Latin Lover stereotype; I'll check out your other stuff later. What are your thoughts on the newish film, Road Dogz? or Tortilla Soup? Some directors are trying to come up with new views on Latin life, it seems. They won't be big money makers, but then neither was Cesar Chavez, MLK, Bertolt Brecht et al. with the important work that they did. Whether we enlighten and help to save the world through art, commentary/critique, personal responsibility/growth, or political change, I have faith it will bear good fruit in the end...if not popularity or big bucks!

I'm raising my Latina daughter alone - her dad was from El Salvador - up here in homogeneous, milk-white Maine. So heritage, identity, and - unfortunately - racism issues come up frequently. That's my current connection to multiculturalism. But In 1990 my studies at SFSU led me into my own Indian heritage, and I researched some popular images of Native Americans. The La Raza Studies and American Indian Studies folk at SFSU are great, if you get a chance to meet them! Prof. Roberto Rivera of La Raza helped me understand the power that institutions like media and universities have as gate-keepers of knowledge, and the "textualization" of destructive dogma, like prejudices, which are based in diaries, maps, and other sacred "scientific" studies we take for granted, as gospel. Then there's REAL life, such as my daughter and I live up here in the snowdrifts, and you live out there acerca los barrios...the gospel according to me and you! Keep telling it like it is - the truth must be told - 'cause only the truth will set us free!

My response...

Thank you for the kind words regarding my article. I once wrote an article on Tortilla Soup that criticized the movie for glamorizing the assimilated aspects of Latino culture but ridiculing the more "pure" parts of it. Unfortunately, I can no longer seem to find it so am unable to forward it to you.

As you were able to tell, I loved Crazy/Beautiful even though it still employed the Latin Lover stereotype. The film did the most subversive thing imaginable--it turned the stereotype over-end (while still employing some other ones) and made the character human. This is what excites me most in films and what I try to highlight in my articles. Let me know what you think of my other articles if you get the chance to read them and thank you once again for the nice words.
Yo! La Voz is freaky. Surely, that hate group displays the darker side of human nature for all to see. Are there no safeguards? It makes me sad.

My response...

It's the civil libertarian in me, but there shouldn't be any safeguards when it comes to morons like these. It's up to conscious individuals such as me and you to shine a light on this darkness so that the world knows their evil.
Played tennis in the morning with the Fabulous G sisters (plus their brother in tow), JAM and MM, and MS. It was fun, and AG and I were the champions in our doubles tourney. The only problem was that I forgot to bring my hat. End result: tomorrow, I should be molting like a snake.

Afterwards, went to Santa Ana's Memorial Park to hang out with friends and decide what the hell do we want to do. Talked to some musicians about an article I'm doing. Afterwards, have been doing nothing except writing. Such is life with me.