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segunda-feira, julho 01, 2002

Another response to my Jewish Journal article. This one's a bit unorthodox for me, to say the least...

I read with great interest your article in the Jewish Journal. Your points are very accurate. As a former Hillel Director at CSUN, all this has been very clear for a long time. I no longer work in the Jewish world and I am not officially involved in Latino-Jewish dialogue, but as the executive director of North Valley Caring Services, a small non profit which works with a population of 20,000 Latino immigrants in the Sepulveda area, I unofficially dialogue every day. And again, you are correct, this is where the positive contact needs to take place

Why am I writing you? North Valley Caring Services is a small struggling grass roots organization that works with the local population on a number of levels. We provide after school programs, educational programs, computer training, food programs, advocacy, self help, dance, sports and more. We work with the local population on a day to day basis but, we have no Latinos on our board of directors. I do not have mentors and role models.

I would love to meet you. I need people like you (not necessarily you) to get involved. I want strong Latino-Jews to help me strengthen this community

You write an article and I'm trying to get you to volunteer. I'm sure that you are overly involved as it is. But this community needs people like you to help them help themselves and the Jewish community needs people like you to start talking to this community. And I need people like you for support and strength

My response...

Thank you for your response. I am both humbled and honored that you would consider me to help you in your worthy endeavors. However, I feel that it would be out of place for me to volunteer since I am from Orange County. I urge you to look for someone who knows the Sepulveda area and can better relate to its unique needs. I hope you understand; if it were in an area I know, I would be delighted to help out. Thank you once again for your consideration.