A Week in the Life of Gustavo

"Seems to think that if he fails to write, la migra will find him."--OC Weekly More merriment available at ronmaydon@yahoo.com

sábado, julho 06, 2002

Blogger did one of their periodic house-cleanings yesterday, so I was unable to post--but I just did. Many things, emails, and thoughts to post. But until then, two comments:

1. "Never a Dull Moment" is the title of Tommy Lee's latest CD. Damn you, Tommy, for taking my idea!
2. Always be yourself; never change for others. As SD told my father about me, "Gustavo's the type of person whose like a huge light bulb, always radiating something. He'll either attract or repel people, but he's something. He's a good kid."

I guess.