A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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ter├ža-feira, julho 23, 2002

Here's an amusing AOL IM conversation...

LitLover69: although the best way Ive been able to describe you was that you look like the verizon wireless guy but slightly darker
LitLover69: sorry
LitLover69: for that
LitLover69: but im being maybe too honest
ronmaydon: that guy who keeps saying "can you here me now?"
LitLover69: hear. but basically yeah
ronmaydon: hmm...i think he's nerdy
ronmaydon: then again, i'm one to talk
LitLover69: dont focus on looks please
ronmaydon: hey, i embrace my geekness
LitLover69: if anything i wouldnt say a thing either
ronmaydon: those glasses i wear...I wanted them way before they were considered cool
LitLover69: true
ronmaydon: I wanted them in 8th grade, when they were still the mark of death
ronmaydon: i am geek to the core
ronmaydon: though my cousin said I look like an emo kid
LitLover69: glad i dont wear them but i may have to if i keep up this lifestyle ive been leading
LitLover69: you do sort of remind me of that but i dont think you listen to bands like Dashboard Confessionals
ronmaydon: nope, I listen to pinche banda