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domingo, julho 21, 2002

I love being stood up! All the time!

Here is another response to my Reventon Super Estrella demolition. This one's from my cousin in Oregon...

Your article on the upcoming concert was nothing less than an incitement to overthrow the producers of "Reventon Super Estrella 2002 through a general boycott. All you had to do was include the word "boycott" anywhere in the article to have accomplished this task. I loved it!

But as much as enjoyed it, let alone gained a critical perspective of the concert I must say, I don't blame them for their reaction and action in response to your article and you. *You used profanity *You insulted the public (not all of them) by referring to them as a "material audience, who wouldn't know a political subtext if it...." This is a grave assumption on your part. We cannot and must not make the mistake of generalizing the political literacy of the public.
*You insulted the audience by referring their dancing style as "dancing-fool kneecaps". (who are you critiquing, them or the event?) *Your comment "or maybe there is a God so that he can smite....." demonstrated a preconceived judgment which indicated a given bias on you part. The producers of Reventon were probably not wrong in thinking that your presence at the concert was just a formality and that the article ripping them apart was already written.

Maybe you could have elaborated more on the benefit of such concerts. How the general media in the U.S. continues to tokenize Latin music. You did all this at the beginning, but could have gone back to it therefore positively paving a way for them to return and fulfill their original objectives.

You see Primo, it's not about destroying and insulting, it's about exposing the truth (through critique) and then offering alternatives and in some case allowing your enemy to retreat with dignity.

Primo, gracias por permitirme darle critica a tu articulo. Estos son los pensamientos que se vinieron a la mente. Te los comparto no como un periodista o critico a artículos sino como un leedor de ellos. Como ya mencione en una forma me encanto pero como todo, hay que medir él "como y cuando" de todas la cosas. Te felicito. Tu carta al concilio de la cuidad de Garden Grove fue fabulosa. Sigue adelante

My response...

Perdóname por the lateness in my reply. I've been exceedingly busy with work and wanted to respond thoughtfully to your comments.

First off, glad you liked my Garden Grove article. What they're doing there is simply insane. But if you read that article, you will have noticed that I constantly use bombast in my writing style, calling the mayor "Bulldozer" and even making fun of Hardy Boy novels.

Such is the style of the Weekly; such is mine. I try to refrain from profanity but felt that its solitary use in my Reventón article was proper to make the overzealous explanation I was going for. My assumptions on behalf of the crowd emanates from their apparent lack of critical thought in spending more than $50 for a concert of this magnitude. While the Reventón was going on, I was at a hip-hop show that had much better music from local artists--plus cost $5. The politics of the public will guide them to their brand of politics. In the Reventón-going crowd, I assume it’s the politics of materialism and non-involvement.

In regards to my God comment...bias is also a main part of my writing style. I go in with my opinion and my opinion only. I only seek to obliterate that which I think is poisonous. The Reventón has been poisonous to the Latin alternative scene because the general American public thinks the artists they're the best. Meanwhile, the true visionaries languish with no publicity department to put them in commercials (like Shakira) or television (like Paulina Rubio). And I wrote just as critical an article last year on the Reventón yet they didn't ban me then. I feel that this time it was because I called it for what it was.

Interesting note: the Latin alternative community has spread my article around the Internet and people have been giving great responses to it.

Perhaps I was a bit harsh in some of my statements, but I also feel that they were necessary for Super Estrella to get a reality check and perhaps rethink the intentions of their concert. I think that my banishment from the event was a positive step in that direction. Gracias por tu adviso y espero más correspondencia entre nosostros dos.
Loved your article on the reventon, I hate that this station only plays the poppy hits of the moment bands or singers, neglecting the rest on the great artists who are really hitting big in other countries...i really hate how this station as well as the latin grammy's work....since when do we in our latino culture forget the musicians of the past as well as the great talent of the future?? and forget to help the up and coming artists struggling........although my favorita singer in the entire world was the headlining act last year "alejandra guzman", and she personally gave me a pair of tickets to go since it sold out in minutes...i did not want to support that type of show

adelante gustavo and always speak your mind

My response...

Thank you for your response. That is my biggest problem with the Reventon, that it does absolutely nothing to foster much better artistis in its obession with bringing the "hottest" starts to their little party. And, like you noted, that's exactly how the Latin Grammys are constructed.

If only I got all these caring words in real rather than digital life...