A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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domingo, julho 21, 2002

I was supposed to play tennis with the Fabulous G sisters, JAM/MM, and MS. Got stood up. No surprise there.

What was surprising is that I ended up playing tennis with a lady who appeared to be in her late 40s (although she looked older; "white" people age so much faster than Mexicasn). We had a good workout and she commended me on my stroke. I thanked her for the compliment and for playing tennis with me at the expense of coaching her three children who were busy acting goofy.

I know I have seen this woman before at the CCIR meetings but I'm sure she didn't recognize me. In our normal masks of life, we would have easily dismissed each other as singular characteristics but when we dropped them, we were fellow tennis practitioners. I know some people--if one or the other had recognized each other--wouldn't have even acknowledged each other. But I did. I think I'm nice that way.