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quinta-feira, julho 04, 2002

Interesting 4th of July. Will start with the personal, then extend to the macro...

My family hosted SD and his partner X, who are down here from Oregon for my cousin FR's wedding this Saturday. Both are in good spirits. We ate some delicious mole cooked by my mom and spent most of the time talking about music. Or rather, everyone but SD and X did. I think they were bored.

Afterwards, went to PM's girlfriend's house, where she was having a barbecue of sorts. Played Taboo with the people, which proved to be more fun than I imagined. Left after the insults started raining in. That's what friends are for. Honestly. Don't give me any of this "Oh, I'm always going to be here for you" crap. Friends should be vicious. To prepare you for the rest of the world.

Now, for the macro analysis...

Anyone who says today's shooting at LAX was not terror-related is Polyanna-ish to the point of putridness. Let's see...gunman with knife and gun, shooting at Jews waiting to board a flight to Israel on the 4th, what else do you want?! Forgive me for my rush to judgement, but if it yet another attack on innocent Jews, then I might have to ratchet up my conservatism a bit. I'm getting sick to my stomach over this.

Yes, Sharon is a monster and the West Bank settlers for the most part are fanatics worse than our own millenium doomsayers, but violence is NOT the answer to solving the problem. This is why I've had such a hard time supporting the Palestinian cause during this past year even though I am adamently opposed to the Israeli government's handling of the situation. Killing is wrong, and you do not win points from me for killing innocents, especially when you're trying to convince me that you are the innocent victims.

A recent Nation article by Desmond Tutu tries to equate the Palestinian cause with the South African struggle to end apartheid but I'm afraid that he's stretching it, at least in terms of his supposition that the Palestinian cause will be considered in the same context. One of the reasons why the anti-apartheid movement was so successful to such a wide breadth of people (in The Simpsons, Lisa used to have a "Stop Apartheid Now" poster in her room until it was ended--I'm not sure what's hanging in her room now) was because of its non-violent nature. Nelson Mandela became an icon because he was wrongly imprisoned for doing nothing except being a black in South Africa. Steven Biko became a real martyr by dying justly for his cause, not strapping on some bombs and killing innocents along the way.

Perhaps its the Christian in me that loves to suffer and refuses to fight even though I might have just cause to. The Palestinians have been living in horrible conditions for a while now and are understandably upset. But target soldiers then. Target government officials, those who actively work against you. Don't target kids. Don't target people at a Passover seder. That's unconsciouble.

Even if this doesn't turn out to be a terrorist attack, such is my stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Peace is the way, not violence. But neither side will listen.

So to end this rant, let me say that the prank call to CNN was sheer genius! God bless Howard Stern. Just in case CNN or the Los Angeles Times takes it off the air, let me run the excerpt in whole here. F Jackie!
From the Associated Press report...

Josef Bootski had just checked their bags and said he was about 20 feet away from the gunman, who he described as a white man with a ponytail who was a little overweight.

"He just kept yelling. 'Artie took my job, Artie took my job.' I had no idea what he was talking about. And he just started shooting everybody and then he just started telling bad jokes," Bootski said.