A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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terça-feira, julho 23, 2002

Just came back from seeing Cuauhtemoc at some dive in Newport Beach.The place reminded me of San Diego's Casbah, which I went to once with a special person.

The boys played great and I did something I do almost never: mosh. I moshed hard too, because there were some morons making disparaging remakrs about the band, saying "What the fuck is that" when lead singer Coyolt played a beautiful flute solo. After the first song, those guys were gone, too scared to mosh into our scene.

Cuauhtemoc played at a Battle of the Bands and of course they lost. When it comes to things like these, talent never wins. The two bands that won blew but also brought in the most fans. Such is the philosophy of the music industry. When the winners were announced, us Cuauhtemoc fans started booing and shouting "Culeros!" to no one in particular. One guy right next to me said, "Those people always do that when they lose." I shot him a dirty look and his girlfriend said, "He didn't mean that." The guy then said, "Fuck yeah, I did" but didn't act on his bravado after I stared him down.

I'm not a violent man at all, but those who know me are aware that I do have a dark side to me. We all do, but mine is particularly vicious. Don't provoke it.

I'll end now with an email from my Portuguese professor regarding my pinche Reventon article...

Reventon? Que diabo é isso?

It seems that they didn't choose a MUSICIAN to choose the MUSICIANS. In Brazil we say "CACETE ARMADO" for this kind of stuff. Weel, I trust in your taste more than in the "organizadores"!!! I'm glad I didn't go to Reventon!!!