A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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sábado, julho 13, 2002

Let's be a bit more concrete in our observations...

The kids at the youth conference yesterday were just charming, paying attention and being rightfully indignent at certain moments of my presentation. What inspired me the most was when I told a group of middle-school girls that there was only one girl writing for the Weekly and they were shocked, angry, and motivated to do something about it. The boys, on the other hand, were bored out of their boxes.

What does this mean? Why is it that the brilliance of young women frequently becomes lost in a sea of paternalism? I'm not sure, but I'm starting to think that perhaps sexism is a more serious problem than racism in this country. Racism can only exist when two groups that see themselves as distinct from other groups form negative opinions about those who are not like them. To eradicate racism, the common bonds must be showed. Sexism, meanwhile, is virtually impossible to eradicate fully. Not only is one faced with millenia of oppression, but then there are the obvious differences in the sexes.

All I can do is be more conscious of my own sexism. And I will do that. But class is still the ultimate societal problem for me.

The Fabulous G sisters are an absolute joy to hang around with. All are big-hearted individuals with quirky wit and strong convictions. Along with MS, JAM, and MM, they are my new tennis partners.

At the Enjambre show, I caught up with JC Fandango owner Javier Castellanos, who manages Enjambre. I feigned anger at him for talking to the Register but then he told me an interesting story. It turns out that the person interview Javier mentioned that the Register really liked my writing (I did an review of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and Fito Paez for them), but that they were especially offended by my mock editorial slamming the Show section. That's why they never contacted me again.

I laughed. It was nothing personal against the writer or the editor that I worked under with the Reg (who was--contrary to what I had heard earlier--a complete gentleman). But as a journalist who despises unoriginal content and has been subscribing to the damn paper for almost a decade, I was angry. And everyone knows what happens when I get really angry: I get hilariously vicious.

So I might adhere to principle too much. Too bad. God has rewarded me for my following of His word and does so every day. But not enough.