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segunda-feira, julho 01, 2002

Now, some stories...

Check out this article on the Welsh and follow my comments...

OK, now you read the article. I've always been fascinated by the Basques, who apparently have no living relatives on Earth and is the oldest language in existence. The article says that Welsh and Basque are similar...I've never heard that before. However, I do know that both cultures put heavy emphasis on the preservation of their language in order to keep their culture alive in the face of millenium-long suppression by various groups. Note how both of these cultures have only wanted to stay in their land and nothing else. For a good history of the Basques, read Mark Kurlansky's The Basque History of the World.

They also break the myth of the Spanish Conquest or that us Latin Americans should despise all of what now makes up Spain. Spain is not a homogenous country. It's made up of Castilians, Catalans, Galicians (who descend from the Gaelics), Basques and heavily influenced by Moorish and Jewish traditions. All of these people came over to colonize the New World. Just look at the last names: Castellanos, Gallegos, Etcheberry, Rubalcava, or any last name ending with the suffix -uez (which signifies Sephardic Jewish heritage). This is our heritage: everything.

Did I make sense? Probably not. So here's a great article on the political significance of the World Cup submitted by my Cato Institute-interning friend PSS. Do they compare to my soccer articles? Read Patrick Basham's piece here, then read my own pieces here, here, and here, and let me know.