A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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ter├ža-feira, julho 30, 2002

So I want to write a bit more...

Had lunch with JC of JC Fandango fame. Afterwards, went to said club and hung out with him, GG of the Fabulous G sisters, and another guy who's last name I've yet to learn but is cool. He had a Spanish book (as in the country, not the idiom) from 1817 featuring different poets. It was pretty great.

Afterwards got home for a bit then went to coffee with JR, who I haven't seen in ages. Fun gal, very honest. That's why I hang out with her. We filled each other in on our lives, but I talked much more. Perhaps it was the fact that my gut was about to bust and I had to burn some calories. Or perhaps it's the fact that I'm an inconsiderate loudmouth.