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sexta-feira, julho 05, 2002

Some words from one of my more constant responders to my articles, RG...

You are so hard on yourself. "No one actually reads the site." So

Liked the counterstrike article, though I feel you failed to sufficiently
state your own opinion. Instead, trying to insinuate it, which can be fine,
but nonetheless I must ask: do you honestly feel there is no connection?

Keep up the good work. As ever I am mightily imnpressed by your ability to
be productive, prolific, as well as maintaining a high level of quality in
your writing at the same time...all this despite going to school full time.
Well done.

My response...

Thanks for the nice words and the criticism. My original Counterstrike piece was about 800 words where I delved more deeply into the actual game and compared it to other violent games. I also opined on the connection between imagined/virtual violence and the real deal. Needless to say, it didn't make the final cut. But I'll stand by the article.

I honestly feel that the connection between violence and the arts is random and not universal. Art can provoke violence, but I'm of the opinion that the violence already existed within the person beforehand and the art merely provoked it. But this alone isn't sufficient to assume that video games are intrinsically creators of violence. If games in fact do inspire violence, then why isn't everyone who plays Counterstrike shooting people? It follows, then, that the individual creates the violence, not the game itself.

For the Register to assume a causal link between the cyber café shootings and Counterstrike is both shoddy journalism and the latest campaign to demonize teenagers. I hope that much came through in my article. What do you think?

Thanks for the stimulating discussion. At least I know one person reads my articles! I know I was a wee bit melodramatic, but, hey, I want people to read my articles! You as a writer know the rush one gets from causing people to think.