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ter├ža-feira, agosto 06, 2002

Finally, the response from JT...

>In my message of yesterday, I forgot to put down the URL of my website.
>All I can say to those who pointed it out (thanks, BTW) is.by now all
>of you should know it by memory!

You know...I really think you should stop with the guilt-tripping. I mean,
what does it accomplish...really? :)

So I finally read your piece on how porn saved you...fun stuff, man. I
mailed it to my bro.

I also read your thing on the Runnion tragedy. You do a good job emphasizing the tragedy of the situation. That is, you do a good job making your point while not minimizing the horror of what was done to her. My only criticism is this: why the pessimism about "until next time." I mean, duhhh...this will happen again, but I just don't see how the recognition of the inevitability of recurrence of this sort of tragedy fits in with the rest of the piece...if it's supposed to say, "this will happen again, you
just might not hear about it"--well, I'm not sure if that was obvious to me
the reader.

Anyway, it's not a big deal...I just didn't understand what you were going
for in that part of the article. Besides that, it was good.

Hey...I'm just trying to provide you with some criticism that you're so
intent on receiving...you're always begging for it! :)

But seriously, it's not like when I was reading it, that this REALLY stood
out to me, I just noticed it, that's all.

I enjoy everything you read, man...keep sending them. (But I don't enjoy
the guilt trips so much... :))

My response...

Thank you for the thoughtful response and I apologize for my guilt-tripping. I just don't feel appreciated when out of the 80-odd people that I send my shameless letters to, I receive response from maybe 3 of them--at the most.

Glad you liked the porno article. As my professor told me, "When you're accepting your Pulitzer one day, someone's going to pull out that article and they're going to revoke it."

Glad you liked my Runnion piece. The reason why I ended it on such a cynical note was because that's the inevitability which I was trying to lead up to. I feel that our media has made tragedy such a spectacle that people really feel that life is like entertainment and is susceptible to trends. Samantha is the poster child of the moment, but in a couple of weeks, she will be forgotten. Oh wait--those two girls who were kidnapped from a Lover's Lane are all over the news. Where's Samantha? I find this fleeting fascination to be horrific and to end on a cynical note, while a bit unpleasant, was also shoving bitter reality in its face. At least that was the intent.

Keep on with the comments and I'll try not to guilt-trip anymore :-). Hope everything is well with you.

You people look up the links to the articles we refer to. I do too much for everyone as it is.