A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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domingo, agosto 04, 2002

Today was the Arellano family picnic. Unlike my mom's side, my dad's family gets along wonderfully. No fights amongst anyone. Everyone played games (volleyball, sack races, and some weird plank activity that looked like a walking form of rowing) except me. I always stick to myself. Of course, I had great conversations with cousins and uncles but I always stick to myself. And I left early. It's not that I'm a misanthrope; I just don't like relaxing.

Here are some random emails. The first is from JGS, a dear friend of mine from USCB days who now lives in San Jose...

I received your e-mail but I don't have the link to read your articles. Please reply with info. because Pancho (note to reader: Pancho is her husband)is really interested in reading and criticizing you.=)

Hope you are doing well.
Hey send me an update on your love life!

I don't remember if I told you that I know we're having a Boy.

My response...haha, you think I'm going to post updates on my love life here?! All I can say is that I have a love life in the past tense only. Here's another email from JT, my brilliant philosophying pompous asshole friend...

I'll post another one later. For now, I get to play soccer!