A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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sábado, janeiro 25, 2003

As a journalist, I always wonder how it must be toiling in obscurity. Sure, I work for a commie fag rag, but at least it's in one of the largest media markets in the world. But how about people working in no-name places like Wyoming? Or Montana? Heaven forbid I ever become an editor in Eastern Washington, where a former Weekly writer is currently working.

I remember my Chapman chum TN once noting that Rob Fukusaki once did the sports for a station in Hawaii. He even remembered when Fukizaki did his farewell show, announcing he was moving on to the big time. Fukuzaki was right when saying he was moving to a better job: he landed on KABC and replace Todd Donahue.

I actually had this conversation with the LA Weekly tribe last week, talking about anchors who have been with us forever like Hal Fishman, Jerry Dunphy, and Paul Moyer. The person who became most famous was , who went from being a doofus on KCBS to sportsman on KTLA to newsman with MSNBC to current Fox Sports broadcaster.

But what do you make of those who never leave Iowa?