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quinta-feira, janeiro 30, 2003

My Shakira is not a sell-out article was posted on popdirt.com when it came out. I just found out about it today. This is what they have to say...

Calling Shakira A Sell-Out Is Wrong
Saturday, November 09 @ 23:38:30 EST

Gustavo Arellano of OC Weekly insists that those who brand Shakira a sell-out because she shifted from singing in her native Spanish to cross over into the English speaking big money market are wrong. "Her former fans don’t care about the facts: she’s now singing in English and therefore must be ignored," he said. "But to revile her for choosing to sing in another language is jingoistic at best and stupid at worst. Despite a shaky debut, Shakira has limitless talent and will likely be as groundbreaking in English as she was in Spanish. Maybe she didn’t switch to English simply to make more money (her Pepsi sponsorship, on the other hand...). She deserves the benefit of our doubt: that her career can only improve by singing in English."

This site is apparently a discussion forum for pop fans who don't have much insight. Here's what two of them have to say...

I think people might be judging her a little bit too harshly. I don't think somebody should be criticized for singing in another language. What's wrong with that? And besides, Shakira isn't really that big of an act here in the U.S. Yes, she had two hits with "Whenever, Wherever" and "Underneath Your Clothes" but "Objection" was far from a hit in my opinion. So I don't see the big deal.

And here's the other...

I agree with you (except for what you said about Objection) I personally love her and Im glad she went international. Shes got talent and is being judged too harshly for crossing over. She still sings in Spanish and has a lot of Spanish influence (the way she dresses, dances, etc...)

Spanish influence?! Ha! Yes, they agreed with my argument, but they should have expanded a bit more on the subject of culture's role in selling out. BTW, my sister found this same argument in her Spanish class recently, where everyone was saying Shakira is a sell-out. My sister is a Shakira fan (I'm not) and, armed with my article, proceeded to shut everyone up. Who says my articles aren't helpful?

For the first time in a while, I'm scared I'll never be truly happy.