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segunda-feira, janeiro 27, 2003

Not surprisingly, I've already alienated many with my Kinky/Niño Astronauta show review. Here's a fan letter...

I'm writing to you in regard to your review on the kinky/nino astronauta show at the Mayan in this past l.a. weekly (1/23/03).

I'm discouraged to read all those negative comments about nino astronauta's performance. and I'm sad that you have such limited knowledge about this circuit and the people involved ... and that you seem to have no basis for your criticism. i have seen them perform several times, and each time they are incredibly good. i am aware of their influences that have guided them to their sound, and perhaps that is what makes them too complicated for you to understand. perhaps you should do some research and learn about electronic music and sounds of the future if you are going to continue to review musical acts that may be out of your league.

It is unfortunate that you feel the need to bash a talented group for either not understanding them, or having some sort of unexplained grudge. In this city full of competition it is only cordial to have respect and encouragement for other Latinos regardless of their musical sound. not all Latino musicians feel the need to constantly exploit their Latin heritage.

As I am being introduced to your writing, I will also now discard your music review contributions as I have now been proven that they are biased and baseless. due to this latest critique of nino astronauta you have now aquired many unhappy readers.

avid nino astronauta fan... and kinky fan

p.s. in my "professional opinion" pastilla sucks and they're not half the musical talent nino astronauta is.

My response...

You criticize me for having a bias against Niño Astronauta. So what's your point? The raison d'etre of a music critic is to be biased. If I think a band is great (like Kinky), I will say so and write great things. If I don't like a band (like Niño Astronauta), I will not. It's that simple. I never claim to have the ultimate opinion; it is mine. You can agree with it or disagree with it, but ultimately what I write is my own opinion; nothing grander, nothing lesser.

I can accuse you of being as biased as me for disparaging Pastilla in your post-script, but I won't because I know it is your opinion. And I also will not accuse you of ignorance for not liking Pastilla or suggest that you can't possibly understand their music because they're "out of your league" as you did towards me in your letter.

As for your insistence that we should have "respect and encouragement for other Latinos regardless of their musical sound"...that's the kind of insiduous thinking that allows Super Estrella to dominate the airwaves. And I think we can both agree that the station is detrimental to the nurturing of acts like Kinky, Niño Astronauta, and Pastilla.
I nearly crashed twice today going to school. For some reason, I was incredibly sleepy.

Went to the dentist, where I was once again commended on my healthy teeth. Their shape, on the other hand...