A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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sábado, janeiro 04, 2003

Some fun from my novelist friend Ryan Gattis regarding an article this week on some upcoming releases...

I have to disagree with you here: Bon Jovi pre-1989 is definitely
listenable. Ah shit, you didn't even write that one...friggin Kane. Ok,
ok, so what's a monkey march then? Not like Toots & the Maytals' 'Monkey Man' is it? But if it's the WofOZ DVD, then wouldn't it be FLYING monkey marches? And speaking of Augies...have you ever heard an Aussie group called Augie March (named after the Saul Bellow book)? If you have the means, check out 'Sunset Studies.' It's a 'masterpiece of comic timing,' as Belle and Sebastian would say. Have I dropped enough indie names yet? Anyhoo, just one article today for my warped little brain

My response...

Methinks anyone who knows a bit about the Wizard of Oz understands that I'm referring to flying monkeys. The question then becomes, however, if a flying procession can be deemed a "march". Does the verb "to march" signify the pounding of limbs upon the ground? Cannot a march be aerial or transcendental, like the march of time? Or perhaps I should have compared Enjambre's music to a monkey flutter? But who would ever describe monkeys--even those with wings--as fluttering? Monkeys are demented, crazy creatures. They march!

As for the rest of your queries...I've never heard of Augie March (ha! Back to the march!) but I'm sure they're excellent if you say they are. After all, wackos like us have pretty cool tastes.

Nothing like two crazy writers going at it. I'll have some more fun letters regarding my work tomorrow...