A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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segunda-feira, fevereiro 03, 2003


NS and his fiancee CF came over and had carne asada. As did mi compadre and comadre and E's boyfriend B. We all had fun; NS and CF in particular love my mother's carne asada. We made sure to send them off with plates. NS gave me a book; B gave me a Borders gift certificate; E gave me a book. I'm so easy to shop for.

Afterwards went out with NC. We went to Borders so I could buy my books. I bought classics of various genres: the gossipy-but-saintly Confessions of St. Augustine, the relevant-to-me Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, and a collection of pictures from the demented lens of WeeGee. Great stuff. Then we went to the beach. It was nice.


Today's my birthday! Yay! Spent it working, getting my ass beat, and now at school. Am supposed to read 100 pages of a boring book tonight and have dinner at a Pinoy place. Maybe share a dessert with NC. Should be fun. Will write more soon...