A Week in the Life of Gustavo

"Seems to think that if he fails to write, la migra will find him."--OC Weekly More merriment available at ronmaydon@yahoo.com

quarta-feira, abril 30, 2003

Saw Man without a Past with the RP. Weird, great movie.

But now, work.
Here's some words about me on the online posting site Foro Abierto regarding an article I wrote for LA Weekly on a couple of local bands. My comments follow in italics...

Los Abandoned saved the bar`s reputation for booking stellar slates. Their nervous pop pulsates with insecurities, but the quartet nevertheless plowed through their set with the confidence that having been Aterciopelados` opening act instills in a group. Los Abandoned certainly learned their audience interaction from the Colombians: At one point lead singer Lady P. invited LATV Live staffer Lili Montero onstage and plucked "Happy Birthday" to her with a ukulele.....LOS ABANDONED ARE A HORRIBLE BAND....LADY SINGER SHOULD BE CALLED CARA DE CABALLO.....SHE CAN`T SING AND HAS BORING STAGE PRESENCE....THEIR SONGS ARE HORRIBLE....ATERCIOPELADOS OH PLEASE DON`T COMPARE TO LOS ABANDONED...GIO DOESN`T DRINK BEER AND IS THE BEST FRONTMAN ROCK EN ESPANOL HAS IN L.A.,,,GO BETTY GO ARE OK, BUT THEIR SONGS AND PLAYING ABILITIES ARE WEAK....GUSTAVO F YOURSELF FOR SUCH AN IDIOTIC REVIEW.....i SAY i SAY i MUST AGREE WITH THIS CRAZY MOFO

Not sure if the entire posting was sarcastic based on that last comment. But yes: Gio does drink beer. I saw it with me own peepers

Man, I was reading the review on the show at the Westchester where Blvd, GBG, Los Abandoned and Viva Malpache played a couple of weeks ago. The writer tore up the Westchester, Blvd. and Viva Malpache. This guy didn`t hold back, he wrote exaclty what he felt about these bands in the L.A. Weekly *** not only that, but the person who wrote the article about Go Betty Go a few weeks ago basically put down every local band, saying they sounded like shit. I know thats his opinion if he wants to talk shit, but why put Go Betty Go on such a high pedestal. I honestly think they`re a good band, but there are a few other good bands out there who are just as good. I can see the potential or should i say possible exploitation of Go Betty Go, just because they`re girls. Lets admit that at least. If it was a bunch of cocks playing the same tunes as Go Betty Go, would they be getting the same attention? Hell No! This comment is not aim to talk smack about Go Betty Go, but it just goes to show you what respect the local ReE has in L.A., especially with our own local publication ie. the LA Weekly, The LA Times article a few months back, etc....

The person respects my opinions...I guess

This Gustavo guy is basically a GBG & L.A. Fan better yet he is a good friend of L.A. so go figure why he praises them.

Actually, I'm not a Go Betty Go fan. Wait for my article on them soon. As for the Los Abandonded accusation of conflict of interest...I like Los Abandoned and I am friends with them. But if they sucked, I'd say so. I have principles, y'know?

Gustavo Arellano is an idiot..... ... .... ....IT`S JUST HIS OPINION. BUT HE DOES COME ACROSS AS A JACKASS!!!!

Best comment I've heard in a while

I see that everyone is upset at my show review. Well fuck all you stupid asses.I know know my shit more then all you defunct ghetto people.Bands such as Go Betty Go and Los Abandoned are the next generation in the Latino music community in the U.S.

Interesting note: this posted was attributed to me but was not written by me. How can I prove it? A: I'd never say the phrase "stupid asses", I'd say "pendejos." B: See previous comment about Go Betty Go. C: I'd definitely never say "defunct ghetto people." Damnit, if you're going to pose as me, at least do a good job at it.

I`ll tell ya, this Gustavo Arellano character must really dislike the local scene. Check out his latest review of a local show at - http://www.laweekly.com/ink/03/22/live-bemis.php - I mean, he really lets some of the bands have, and he defiently has it in for Giovanni. Those two should go at it. I was at that show, but I won`t bore you with my opinion. Like anyone of you fuckers in here cares anyhow.

No comment needed, although that Giovanni character would whip my ass in an instant

I can`t wait until his review next week.

Unfortunately, there was none on my behalf. School!

that arellano guy is just a tick out to simply irritate everyone with his horrible taste in music and unjust reviews. he`ll only ruin his own career.

My friend, the only career I care about is that dealing with God. Say what you will about my taste, my reviews are not unjust. They are what I feel to be true. Such is the nature of music journalism

he`s an idiot who thinks Los Abndoned is the next big thing!!!...THE NEXT THING TO FLOP!!!!======================-------------------------------------I`m reading alot of talk about Los Abandoned and Go Betty Go. Someone or a few in here seem to be a bit irritated at the fact that these mentioned bands are actually making waves. They can`t help it! They`re good, lot`s of people especially "real" promoters see something in them that they like. I haven`t seen Viva Mal. , Curanderos, or any other L.A. start off as these two bands have. Man, I`m impressed,,,,these bands have what it take to make it out of L.A....by the way, Los Abandoned opened up for Aterciopelados a couple of months back,,,now they are going to open up for the singer of Fabulosos Cadillacs next week. I DON`T RECALL CURANDEROS, MALPACHE, CABULA, FATIMA, DR. JACK, JUGUETE, AFIXION, MUNDO APARTE, TELY, HIJOS DEL SOL, AMARGO, MAYAZTEC, SONICA 5, DIOSES DEL TIEMPO, RITUAL, EDEN ETC...BEING ASKED TO OPEN UP!!!

Once again, I'm not sure if his criticism of me was sarcastic or not

LA WEEKLY REVIEW ON FATIMA, FUCKING ASSHOLE WHO WROTE IT. The Lenten season was winding down, so the Latin alternative acts playing at Fais Do-Do Saturday evening rewarded the to-capacity crowd for their penance with a maniacal musical Mardi Gras. Opening was Fátima, whose aural approach unfortunately wasn`t as miraculous as their namesake virginal apparition. The rhythm, lead and bass players tortured their guitars in unison to produce lame la-la punk while a conga player added inappropriate thunks. This drivel descended to its logical conclusion for the closer —


**** I cant remember exactly what he looks like, but i do recall seeing a person at the fais do do show who was writing down notes onto a notepad. This person was at the show till the bitter end when everyone left before las 15 letras went on. He ws located near the back towards the bar. I guess with a notepad, I didnt assume he was doing his algebra homework, but plotting his soon to be ripping of the bands that night. Guess he has nothing better to do on a Saturday night. ****Reading this made me almost piss on myself of laughter!

Not sure if this is a fan or someone mocking my taste. Enough for now...

terça-feira, abril 29, 2003

Spent the evening with AAS and MS talking about our families. They're such an awesome couple. Prodding AAS to contribute to my employer. She should do fine.

Only problem with such a fine night is that I now have to catch up on my work. Five more weeks...

segunda-feira, abril 28, 2003

And now some words from my good friend RG...

Great Empire article. Caught between two phrases on Ono Ono though..."deposed of." 'Disposed of,' or 'deposed.' I can't believe I just corrected your grammar. Damn, sorry about that. F'n writers.

Also, excellent article on the Serafines. Yet again you bring another dimension (seemingly one that is very straight forward, no?) of a story to the masses.

My only intial confusion was held in the phrase 'front runners,' because I've only ever seen it used to describe someone (who is competing) about to win something. I guess in Colorady we just call 'em bandwagon jumpers, fan-wise.

I can't believe you name dropped Hubbell. Brilliant.

My response...

Yes, I was particularly proud of the Hubbell reference. The great thing about this gig is that my editors let me do whatever I want, especially the name-dropping. I'm still trying to figure out a proper way of referencing Tom Waddle, the great Chicago Bears receiver of the early 1990s.

Now that I think about it, I should have written "disposed of". It has the connotation of garbage, which is exactly what the American settlers thought of the native Hawaiians. And please: keep correcting my misuse of grammar, metaphors, etc. We f'n writers are our best friends, both for the support and endless nipping.

You crazy Coloradoans! Here in Southern California, we use "front-runner" as often as "joining the bandwagon" when we bash on sports fans that only support winners. I'd argue front-runner also applies since most of those we'd deem front-runners only join the festivities at the end of the season, when a team is about to win.

As always, thank you for the comments.
Well isn't this a nice surprise.

My review of the Monterrey mods Kinky is posted on their label's home page for them as some of the best words on the band ever written. Take that, Los Angeles Times and Orange County Register! I'm mostly posted with Brit rags. Good for me.
Coachella yesterday was grand with C and LS. Cafe Tacuba was great as always, Rooney blew, the Blue Man Group was grandly weird, the White Stripes were a dirty revelation, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers were strangely flat--as flat as a tikka masala I ate.

But I've just realized I have a lot of boring writing to do--so my dispatch ends here.

domingo, abril 27, 2003

Good logic from the Rotten.com library about the Roswell, New Mexico coverup...

While the public had moved on from Roswell, it soon became clear the government had not. While publicly dismissing the notion of flying saucers and little green men, and citing an inordinately large number of close encounters with weather balloons (come to think of it, have you ever seen a weather balloon?), it quickly became clear that behind the scenes, everyone from the president on down had been obsessively fixating on UFOs for the previous 30 years.

Emphasis, of course, on their question regarding the weather balloon. The funny part is I was just thinking about that same point when I read it.

sábado, abril 26, 2003

More commentary from the Rotten.com library. This time, it deals with the Geneva Conventions...

But this is getting tedious, and unfortunately, it could easily go on for pages and pages. The long and the short of it is this: The Geneva Conventions are great fodder for politicians attacking countries they don't like, but if you feel you have been the victim of a violation, you might as well take it to "Judge Judy," because you aren't getting a tribunal unless you happen to live in Rwanda, or possibly (at some point in the distant future) Iraq. Have a nice day.
Cafe Tacuba in Fresno was great with the RP. I caught a home run ball at a Fresno minor league game!

But here's the real reason for my post: yet another excerpt from the Rotten.com library, this time UFOs...

For nearly as long as the term "flying saucer" has existed, there have been tales of government cover-ups. It's a bus that starts with the alleged Roswell crash, with stops at Area 51 and all points between Paranoiaville and TV Land.

quinta-feira, abril 24, 2003

I'm off to Fresno tomorrow with the RP.

Saturday, tofu with VG (at least that's the plan).

Sunday, Coachella with CS and her brother L.

Fun, fun fun!

Or is it?

quarta-feira, abril 23, 2003

So now I'm getting countless attempts to flood my mailbox with viruses. What can one do except delete them?

The annoyance, the annoyance.

terça-feira, abril 22, 2003

We need to pray. People are bad.

Isn't it funny how people usually pray only in their time of need?

I actually pray at all times--to save my damned soul.

segunda-feira, abril 21, 2003

An analysis of Bobby Brady from the Rotten.com library...

The stock-and-staple "youngest son" in any sweeping narrative is rarely given the attention it deserves, but Bobby Brady was an exception. Mike Lookinland delivered a nuanced performance with a haunting intellect, often radiating subtle melancholy or low self-esteem. His character was sensitive about many things, like his height, or his strength. He always seemed locked in competition with his siblings in a desperate attempt to earn the favor of those around him. He tried to do more pull-ups than his brother. He saved Greg from being locked in a meat freezer. He pushed Peter out of the way before he was knocked unconscious by a falling flowerpot.

And then the narrative ends with Mike Lookiland's arrest
Talked to AAS today. She innocuously asked about the status of the book she let me borrow.

Who says people don't read my blog? I do, but let's disregard that for now; the proof is in the pouting.
I've eaten nothing but chile rellenos for the past three days. I've realized I don't like grease much.

The next six weeks will be hell, but they will be finished. I see nothing in the finish line except exhaustion and the terror of life.

But enough pessimism from my behalf. Here's something from the Rotten.com library (link at right!)...

Actually, just click on it. I did once and didn't stop reading until four hours later. It's that engrossing.
Process complete!

I changed this blog more out of a desire to include some of the sites I constantly mention. Besides, I feel a change a'brewin inside of me. What it is, I do not know.

I think I'm thinking too much. Such is my gift; such is my destruction.

Ain't I pretentious?!
In the process of changing this damn diary...
I just came to a mind-blowing realization. Who shall know of it? No one.

But if I act differently from now on, you'll have an idea.
This is so strange...

I can see who sees this infernal blog (and so can you! Just click on the Saturn-like insignia at the bottom of the page. Scroll down...there you go) and for the last few days, many people have accessed it by typing "saddam tapatio" in a search engine. My blog pops up because I've mentioned both those terms before--but on separate occassions, not as a concept.

I've typed "saddam tapatio" myself in hopes of finding out why people are doing it. Is there a Tapatio bottle being marketed with Saddam's mustachioed mug on it? Did he spice up his shawerma with it? Very strange.

If you have happened upon this website by typing in "saddam tapatio," drop me an email--you can find it at the top right corner of this blog. I want to know what you're looking for. Maybe I can help.
The dregs continue. But I can see The Simpsons again. That should improve my situation--though not by much. It's like treating a case of mold with a drop of chlorine.

domingo, abril 20, 2003

Persian food came and went--and I ate with no one.

I saw no one outside of my family this weekend. I talked to one person. They said we'd hang out; we didn't.

Someone once told me I remain in my bitterness because I want to. They said I live in this vicious circle, this self-fulfilled prophecy where I expect things to go wrong.

All lies--just the opposite, actually. I always expect things to turn out right. They almost never do. That's when the disappointment settles in, followed by bitterness, followed by the rest of the goodies people feel when they're in the dregs.

Should I not have expectations? No desires, as the Buddha taught? Impossible. To not desire is to be not human. Expectations are necessary--it's how you mark life. Live for something, damnit. Don't live for the day; live for something, anything

I live for love. Love tells me to go to hell.
What a quote!

"Perhaps we cannot make this a world in which children are no longer tortured. But we can reduce the number of tortured children," - Albert Camus.

sábado, abril 19, 2003

A criticism of the Department of Homeland security fromthe world's greatest website...

With an annual budget of more than $26 billion, you would think they could come up with better advice than "run away." And let's not even get into the duct tape.

sexta-feira, abril 18, 2003

My interview with Sam Quinones was rated as the #2 journalism quote of the week byNewsJunkies Weekly Fix.

The quote? "You think The Orannge County Register sucks NOW?

But it wasn't even a quote; it was the title of the damn article.

#1 quote of last week according to the website?

"The 'fog of war' obscures more than just news from the battlefield. It also provides cover for radical domestic legislation, especially ill-considered liberty-for-security swaps, which have been historically popular at the onset of major conflicts."

OK, so this is one time someone deserved to beat me.
Now it's just weird...

In my previous post, I noted that I had lost a book. Now it seems I've misplaced three. This is impossible. As late as yesterday, I was carrying them in my car. I remember this distinctly. And now all of them are gone. I can accept the loss of one, get angry at two. But three?! Especially when one is a textbook, the other a favorite, and the third borrowed from AAS?! Only explanation I can think of right now is that someone stole them. But who could have stole them from my car--especially when it has an alarm? And why wouldn't they have taken all of the CDs in it? Is there a bibliomaniac on the loose? It get's weirder every day.
I was going to post something happy, but then I realized I lost a $60 book that was already pointless to begin with. And thus, my quotes:

If it's not one thing, it's another.

When it rains, it pours.

Never a dull moment.
How's this for bizarre history?

Apr 18 1955

Nobel Prize recipient Albert Einstein dies in his hospital bed from a ruptured aortic aneurysm. Seven hours later, his brain is plunked into a jar of formalin and taken away by the pathologist. It will remain missing for 23 years.
Life ain't good right now.

quarta-feira, abril 16, 2003

Celebrated NGF's birthday with AAS and ER; MS came later. As always, a grand time talking about relationships, racism, homophobia, and why newspapers sometimes do not get it right. Nerds are the best, no?

Much writing to do. Much, much writing to do. Am doing some now.

segunda-feira, abril 14, 2003

I feel light-headed. Is my ironic death imminent?

domingo, abril 13, 2003

sábado, abril 12, 2003

I cannot believe the United States actually made playing cards of wanted Iraqis. Then again, I cannot believe a lot of things that are happening in this world.
More Daily Rotten history...

Apr 12 1988

U.S. patent 4,736,866 is granted to Harvard University for a genetically-modified mouse, engineered to be particularly susceptible to carcinogens. The cancer-prone "Harvard Oncomouse" is the world's first patented creature, and perhaps also the most screwed.

quinta-feira, abril 10, 2003

Without further ado, here's a letter regarding my article defending cumbia...

I really enjoyed your article on CUMBIA in last week's issue of OC

The Cumbia of the Poor

The article has spurred a discussion on the www.salserosweb.com Message Board. There are some die-hard salseros that hate cumbia whereas there are others, like myself, who like a change of pace and go to El Patio in Anaheim on Wednesday nights. Although you claim "the poor have cumbia all to themselves..." I beg to differ. The crowds that I have seen, on cumbia nights, come from a wide variety of socio-economic classes. And they all seem to enjoy it equally. I invite more OC Weekly readers to join us...but, por favor "no te metas con mi cucu."

My response...

Thank you for the kind words regarding my piece. I agree I was a bit too general in saying only poor people listen to cumbia. But I think my thesis stating that cumbia is considered to be poor people's music still holds. Genres like salsa and merengue conjure images of rich, glamorous couples in pricey nightclubs. Cumbia, meanwhile, is what Latinos play at a wedding so a grandson can dance con su abuela.
Wasted my entire day up in Los Angeles only to find out that my professor doesn't return from Brazil until next week. That means yet another missed day of work.

To pass the time, headed on over to the LA Weekly's offices and ate at In-n-Out with BQ and SB. It's strange: I don't eat hamburgers that much anymore. I remember when I was young that Carl's Jr. would be a weekend family activity. I'd always get the cheeseburger and eat the pickles my sister took off of hers. But as I became a food critic, I started scoping out other restaurants and discovered the joys of cheap, fast, delicious food like pho and pad thai. I also think one time a hamburger I ate didn't sit well with me and ever since, I just don't eat them anymore. The hamburger today was OK, but we should have gone to Zankou's.

After lunch, visited JP, who was glad to see me. We carry on an email correspondence, which involves me sending him pitches and stories and him OK'ing them. He OK'd one, is iffy about another. I'll turn him around soon.

There's some letters that I'll post later. The Internet is acting up on me currently.

I just noticed I'm not as erudite on-line as I am in person.

I just noticed I'm not erudite, period.

quarta-feira, abril 09, 2003

The world's greatest website hasn't been updated in nearly a week. This makes me sad. Just add it to the pile, no?
But enough misery. Here's a letter from RG regarding my writing...

Mis disculpas para desaparecer! I hope that's right. Silly free

Great article about GGrove. To the point. Although I have to admit that
I'm still trying to figure out what Broadwater meant by: "Protestors
shouldn’t be doing anything that takes away from our boys and girls. And they are boys and girls—that’s when [the Armed Forces] gets them dumb enough to serve." Huh? Is that even coherent? Maybe I'm just a dumb kid and I don't get it because of that.

I know you said that the Vietnamese one wasn't your best article, but
seriously, how can something rotate glacially? You did, however, redeem yourself with the phrase 'mock meat magic.'

That's all I got time for today. Dude, you probably hear this a lot from
your various support systems but from one writer to another, I'm proud of you. Fuck'n seven articles is ridiculously prolific. Keep up the good

My response...

Such formal Spanish! Never speak it again.

Time and time again, RG is the only person who writes to me regarding my articles. Then again, he has an extra motivation: he's a fine novelist. I, alas, practice the yellow craft.
What Broadwater was saying is that essentially, all youth are idiots and that only idiots would join the Army. In other words, all of our troops in Iraq, goes Broadwater's logic, are morons. Way to support the troops, Bruce!

Thank you for the criticism on the dynamics of a disco ball. Sometimes, I try to be too fancy in my descriptions and fall flat on my ass. I should leave it to the novelists like yourself for the beautiful similes and metaphors and the trash talking for yellow journalists like myself.
Had a long conversation with BQ of the LA Weekly. We were supposed to go to the Smiths/Morrissey convention this weekend, but he has other plans. So do I--studying!

BQ says I remind him a lot of him when he was my age (he's 30)--in our constant grappling with disappointment. But he also urged me to remain strong--if it's meant to happen, it's meant to happen.

The existentialist in me howls; the Catholic in me sadly accepts my fate.

terça-feira, abril 08, 2003

So now is the winter of our discontent. But never mind--there's work and studying to be done.

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother. I shall reveal no more.
And people wonder why I am the way I am...

segunda-feira, abril 07, 2003

I'm sorry, but I cannot get enough from the world's greatest site. I appreciate their humor because it cracks me up. Here's an excerpt regarding the mythical snipe...

One of the most common hazing techniques for "green" game hunters and Boy Scouts is to send the new members out to hunt for "snipes," which are some species of bird that only comes out at night. No gun is given to them, just a flashlight and a gunny sack, since that's all that's needed to catch them. The other members of the team accompany the greenhorn out into the woods and go their separate ways looking for the creature, with the veterans making their way back to the lodge or camp to find the quarry, since it has as good a chance of being there than anywhere else.

This entire process lacks sodomy or a drinking-related death, so it's pretty tame as far as hazing rituals go.

An archeology doctoral candidate told me today I have a pretty good grip on anthropological concepts after I told him I have no background in the discipline. I'm flattered beyond belief.
OK, I don't have the time, but I guess I should post something substantial, no?


Went to see Los Abandonded at this funky dive near LAX. The opening acts were horrific; Los Abandoned were great, as usual. It's the ultimate cliche, but the quartet has a distinctive sound, are unpretentious, and truly interact with the audience. They recently opened for Aterciopelados, so their career is definitely going somewhere.


Wrote, studied, the usual business. Afterwards, visited the RP. She seems in good spirits, but her digestive track is kicking her ass. Pray for her.


Exiled at UCLA. I'm exiled for nine more weeks--then liberation. Let's hope it's not on an Iraqi scale.

Need to call NGF later on today and wish him a happy birthday. Maybe we'll go over to AAS's house today and have another reunion. We should have more. Am supposed to see a film today with the RP--but we'll see what the 405 Freeway has to say about that!

I'm in good spirits--stressed as always, but also confident that life will take me wherever I deserve. May it be someplace where there's never a dull moment.

domingo, abril 06, 2003

I'm fine, but I need more time.

sábado, abril 05, 2003

Hmm...busy at work. Nothing interesting to point...right now.

sexta-feira, abril 04, 2003

There's so much to say but no opportunities anymore.

I once believed in the aphorism "Hope springs eternal" then remembered that Pandora closed the box before it could escape and ameliorate the rest of the world.
Commentary on our current war courtesy of the world's greatest website...

Sequels are always problematic, but it's still too early to tell whether this one will look more like "Godfather II" than "Home Alone III." Stay tuned (as if you had a choice).

quinta-feira, abril 03, 2003

Even dolphins oppose this war.

I received A's in both my classes last quarter. Something tells me it shouldn't be so easy.
Ate Oaxacan at El Fortin with the owner of JC Fandango. Another convert.

The RP is not feeling well. Pray for her. Hell, pray for everything on this godforsaken planet.

terça-feira, abril 01, 2003

Fabulous article on the need for a left/right alliance.

Many of my leftists friends despise conservatives. I despise conservatives, but only in the sense that they disagree with me (I despise anyone who disagrees with me). But I have much respect for conservatives who stick to their humanistic principles. The people at are libertarians, but they're profoundly anti-interventionist. Though they embrace capitalism perhaps too much, I am in complete concordance with their foreign policy. I feel parts of myself straying leftward and other parts to the right.

I am maturing. And that is good.
Un dia a la vez...

Give me the strength, Lord, to live one day at a time.

This is one of my favorite songs of Los Tigres del Norte but it also happens to be the main philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous. Which is strange: the man who composed "Un Dia a la Vez" wrote it in response to the rise of envangelicalism in Latin America. I leave the symbolism/irony/insert your favorite literary concept here to readers--all three of you.