A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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quarta-feira, abril 09, 2003

But enough misery. Here's a letter from RG regarding my writing...

Mis disculpas para desaparecer! I hope that's right. Silly free

Great article about GGrove. To the point. Although I have to admit that
I'm still trying to figure out what Broadwater meant by: "Protestors
shouldn’t be doing anything that takes away from our boys and girls. And they are boys and girls—that’s when [the Armed Forces] gets them dumb enough to serve." Huh? Is that even coherent? Maybe I'm just a dumb kid and I don't get it because of that.

I know you said that the Vietnamese one wasn't your best article, but
seriously, how can something rotate glacially? You did, however, redeem yourself with the phrase 'mock meat magic.'

That's all I got time for today. Dude, you probably hear this a lot from
your various support systems but from one writer to another, I'm proud of you. Fuck'n seven articles is ridiculously prolific. Keep up the good

My response...

Such formal Spanish! Never speak it again.

Time and time again, RG is the only person who writes to me regarding my articles. Then again, he has an extra motivation: he's a fine novelist. I, alas, practice the yellow craft.
What Broadwater was saying is that essentially, all youth are idiots and that only idiots would join the Army. In other words, all of our troops in Iraq, goes Broadwater's logic, are morons. Way to support the troops, Bruce!

Thank you for the criticism on the dynamics of a disco ball. Sometimes, I try to be too fancy in my descriptions and fall flat on my ass. I should leave it to the novelists like yourself for the beautiful similes and metaphors and the trash talking for yellow journalists like myself.