A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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segunda-feira, abril 07, 2003

OK, I don't have the time, but I guess I should post something substantial, no?


Went to see Los Abandonded at this funky dive near LAX. The opening acts were horrific; Los Abandoned were great, as usual. It's the ultimate cliche, but the quartet has a distinctive sound, are unpretentious, and truly interact with the audience. They recently opened for Aterciopelados, so their career is definitely going somewhere.


Wrote, studied, the usual business. Afterwards, visited the RP. She seems in good spirits, but her digestive track is kicking her ass. Pray for her.


Exiled at UCLA. I'm exiled for nine more weeks--then liberation. Let's hope it's not on an Iraqi scale.

Need to call NGF later on today and wish him a happy birthday. Maybe we'll go over to AAS's house today and have another reunion. We should have more. Am supposed to see a film today with the RP--but we'll see what the 405 Freeway has to say about that!

I'm in good spirits--stressed as always, but also confident that life will take me wherever I deserve. May it be someplace where there's never a dull moment.