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sábado, maio 31, 2003

From a Free Republic posting board regarding myMichelle Malkin article...

Is there a way to contact this walking, talking Anus Gustavo Arellano?

Greatest compliment ever.
Interesting story detailing a lawsuit alledging that the ban of cockfighting is discriminatory against Cajuns and Latinos.

I'm not a fan of cockfighting at all, but this might have some substance. What I find more interesting, however, is that such a ban is focusing on the activities of the poor, not so much against cultures. Modern-day government increasingly cracks down on the activities of the poor or disenfranchised. Witness the ban on chicken-owning in cities. As rural transforms into urban, rural is ignored and frequently prosecuted.

Cockfighting was introduced to Mexico by Filipino immigrants, I once read.

sexta-feira, maio 30, 2003

One of my favorite Hollywood anecdotes courtesy of This Day in Rotten History...

May 30 1942

Returning home from a night of drinking and reminiscing about the recent death of John Barrymore, movie star Errol Flynn flips on the lights and is horrified to discover Barrymore's corpse propped up in a living room chair. Some of Flynn's friends had given a funeral director $200 to borrow the body for a couple of hours.

quinta-feira, maio 29, 2003

It's funny how people send me emails to say they read my stuff. Happened again today, with a borinquen asking me directions to a Puerto Rican restaurant I had mentioned in a food blurb. I like it when people read my stuff--that is the jones of every writer. I like it even better when they read my food listings.

The weekend beckons with a 20-page paper to edit.

One more week...

BTW, my website is up and running again. Visit it now.
Working right now. Working for the rest of my life.

Something hilarious happened to me but I can't speak about it under the gag order of my lawyer. Email me and I'll tell all--in person.
IR's funeral was on Tuesday. Too many people dying.

I'm more annoyed than sad right now, but my annoyance must be tempered by the realisation that life is not for enjoying.

quarta-feira, maio 28, 2003

Why is it when you seek some relief, you usually have to keep on seeking?

Times like this I wish I really did decide to become a monk rather than merely think about it.

terça-feira, maio 27, 2003

My website is up and running again so visit it. Enjoy my various articles. I'm not enjoying anything right now, though--have to worry about graduating.

One more week...

segunda-feira, maio 26, 2003

Have to finish that last quote...

Although I did not have enough time to get to know Mr. Whitacre very well, I began to respect Mr. Whitacre through my brief meetings with him. I would be surprised and disappointed if the statements were made in the context and with the intent attributed to them by this squirrelly reporter. These comments were obviously meant to attempt to demean the success and broad support across all demographic lines of the recall. I do not think that Mr. Whitacre would demean the recall effort in this way. I wish we could hear from Mr. Whitacre on this.

I'm squirrelly!
Here are some comments about me I found on a Yahoo! Groups entity for Santa Ana residents. They date back from the Recall Nativo Lopez campaign. No comments on my part, I just like it when people talk about me. OK...some comments.

The author of that article, Gustavo Arellano, is a friend of mine but like
many Democrat pundits he cannot break away from his liberal leanings. As
such, even though he slams Nativo for his racism and his ineptitude as a
Trustee, Arellano still finds it necessary to support him, simply because
the candidate most likely to replace him, Rob Richardson, is a Republican.
I must disagree with Arellano's contention that Richardson and the other
candidates are somehow incapable of standing up for the rights of
immigrants. The record shows that Nativo has failed these immigrants by
promoting the failed bilingual concept that has damned so many children to a
life bereft of academic excellence. Nativo's greed also has had a negative
effect on immigrant children as they are still crammed into trailers because
Nativo was too busy sifting through the wallets of architects and
contractors to bother getting state matching funds and building schools.

Richardson is no Latino, but he is very multicultural in his outlook. He is
a decent man and one who has a public record of caring for his constituents,
whether that be on the city council or on the school board, or on various
city commissions and non-profit organizations. What civic service did
Nativo perform before getting elected? His organization, Hermandad, charges
immigrants for services - they get nothing for free. Richardson has donated
thousands of hours to the Boys and Girls Club, and other organizations, and
he has performed gracefully and professionally in various elected positions.
Richardson will heal the wounds that Nativo has inflicted on our populace,
our children and our schools.

It disappoints me to no end that Arellano cannot see clearly, through the
hazy left-wing fog at the O.C. Weekly. He writes that perhaps God will help
Nativo to change his ways, which might be possible, but Richardson does not
need an act of God to do the right thing. Frankly, if Nativo were to spend
several years in a monastery he just might change for the better, but the
vow of poverty would turn him off! For all of his rhetoric about the poor,
Nativo does quite well for himself, as befits a powerful union boss steeped
in corruption and graft.

Richardson is a right-wing nut, as his recent support of the abstincence program for Santa Ana Unified showed. As for my haze...haze is only temporary. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

The following is only choice comments about me...

I don't know what fog Gustavo is in, but it is not "left-wing."


I don't know Gustavo, but my reaction to seeing his caving in on the recall
was immediately "he thinks he went too far, is scared of retaliation from
the Lopez crowd and is covering his rear and his job." My next thought was
"does he have political aspirations with the Democratic party?"

No, I didn't cave in. And no, I have no aspirations towards the Democratic Party. That would be NGF.

The following batch of responses are regarding my "Dia de Nuestro Señor Nativo" article...

No problem I hope you enjoyed it . I talked to the author of the article and
he said being there was surreal. He was afriad Nativo would kick him out
because he has critized him in past articles. But I bet Nativo is really
kicking himself now !!!

One of the great assignments of my short career. Following are comments on my article examining why Nativo lost...

Did anyone read the OCWeekly article "Larry The Loser" by Gustavo
Arellano...five reasons Nativo Lopez lost?

Under item #3 Mr. Arellano asks obvious questions that no other paper
(Register & Times) asked: What had kept Superintendent Mijares silent for so
long? Why had Mijares suddenly found his backbone? Wasn't the letter (the
Mijares editorial) itself evidence of Mijares' failure to serve the public

These are questions I have asked myself, but no one seems to want to discuss
the obvious answers.

Speaks for itself. Next is my Tim Whitacre article...

Has anyone seen this article? This seems a little over the top for those who
also worked on the recall. It was not about latinos, it was about poor
leadership. At least that is what I thought. Also all that money made it a
lot easier.

Of course it was over the top. I start off by paraphrasing the introduction to the Communist Manifesto. How much more over-the-top do you want?!

No, it looks like poor leadership on both sides. Mr. Whitacre unfortunately
puts those in a bad light who supported the recall. For me, it was not about
the "reconquista" but about poor decisions and lack of accountability by the
board. From Whitacre's statements, it appears he doesn't think that way.

If people were going to try to recall Mr. Palacio, then they wouldn't have my
vote as long as Mr. Whitacre continues to paint this issue as brown and white.
For the record, the current Palacio recall effort is being headed up by
Beatriz Salas and Abie Garcia. Whitacre is not involved in any way, indeed
he and Salas are no longer seeing eye to eye.

I do think it is somewhat unfair for Arellano to quote what Tim said at a
partisan Republican meeting. Tim was not speaking to the public in general,
and I have to believe that if he had been addressing the general public he
would have been more careful in his choice of words.

The OC Weekly just can't get over the fact that we accomplished a regime
change in Santa Ana by toppling Nativo. Those same reporters must be having
fits now that Saddam has been ousted in Iraq. Maybe he and Nativo can
establish a club for deposed despots. I'm sure France would be willing to
accommodate them. Nativo might even teach Saddam how to slick his hair
back, and Saddam could teach Nativo how to use doubles in public.

The idiocy speaks for itself

People in leadership positions need to learn that they are always under
scrutiny whenever they discuss political issues in any venue. With only 12
people there, Tim must have been aware of the presence of a reporter. Mayber
he was playing with them (the newspaper). Tim is a member of this list, what
does he have to say?

Mr. Whitacre personally thanked me at the meeting. And he posed for photos. Everything he said was said because he felt it.

Does anyone know anyone who was at the meeting? I find it hard to believe that
this was all fully accurate or fully in context. At least I would hope not.

While I have had some good experiences with reporters, I have also had
situations of being badly misquoted, which of course ended up changing the
meaning of what was said. And frankly, based on what I have seen before, I
have an opinion on which type of reporter Gustavo Arrellano is.

It was all true, baby. And you know my type of reporting: muckraker extraordinaire.

I know Tim Whitacre pretty well, and while he has a great passion for what
he believes in and gets very fired up when he speaks, I would imagine, like
Mrs. Reed said, that Tim was mis-quoted in this, taken out of context. Tim
& I don't always see eye to eye on issues, but this doesn't really seem like
him. I wonder if maybe Mr. Arellano misunderstood our dear friend..... I
also wonder if Tim knew his speech would be discussed in the magazine....
not that that is a huge factor, we should still be careful what we say in a
public forum but still, this article seems like an unnecessarily huge
slam... why is there a need to write the way he does? It doesn't make me
dislike Tim, it just makes me think that Mr. Arellano is a Big Jerk.
He has also mischaracterized the recall, absolutely. As anyone involved in
it can attest. Let not your hearts be troubled, this guy hasn't a clue. He
just wants to shock everyone, hoping that some will believe him or at least
(ta da) talk about it..... with that, I'll shut up.

Sorry, honey. Your friend was the Big Jerk with his words--I merely reported them.

I recall those of us who supported the recall using one of Mr. Arellano's
stories to our benefit when Nativo held a Posada and was compared by Sal
tinajero to a savior.

While Arellano may have exaggerated, we have used him for our own benefit and it still does not excuse the fact that many latinos who supported the recall
are upset by these comments. I voted Nativo out because of poor leadership and mismanagement of funds, not because he was latino. It was the same thing with Ted Moreno. Crime does not pay no matter who you are or what race you are.

Well said, whoever you are.

After reading all these posts, I have to put in my two cents. I was actually not shocked or offended by the words Mr. Whitacre used in his speech. After Republicans have used the Southern Strategy and Immigrant Bashing to win elections(ie. Nixon in 1972, Curt Pringle sending guards to intimidate Latino voters in 1988, Pete Wilson with Prop 187 in 1994, Dubya's visit to Bob Jones University in 2000, Trent Lott's comments in 2002, etc.) I am not suprised when Republicans use this kind of language in their speeches. Actually I am glad when they do because it gives all us minorities a reminder of just who their
base voters are and what they are willing to do to keep them.

I am not offended at all, I am loving it.(and if Mr. Arellano did make up quotes or change them a bit, shame on him) I do get bothered with all this "reconquista" talk. That is only the sentiment of a few radical college Latinos. It is not some mass conspiracy that Tim Whitacre seems to suggest, and if thats what the Republican party seems to think an act like such, they will continue not to get our vote. Mr. Pedroza mentioned his comments were said at a "partisan" event. Well if those comments are representative of that partisan organization, I defintely want no part in it.

My problem is with the comparison of Nativo to Saddam Hussein. I truly hope that comment was taken out of context, because it it wasn't, Mr. Whitacre really has a problem. How can you compare a man who gases and tortures children to a man who just committed a few ethics violations? Saddam is truly an evil man, while Nativo was just a corrupt poltician, and we all know the US has had their share of those. But Saddam Hussein is truly an evil man, and I think even Nativo would be sickened by the acts Hussein has committed.

Yep, that Hussein comparison was legit.

Two other points to be made. On re-reading the article, it is
interesting to watch how the text shifts into and out of quotes in a manner
designed to attribute statements and positions to Mr. Whitacre that he may
not have said. Further, it is unreasonable to assume that because Mr.
Whitacre is a republican, that he represents the entire republican party. If
he said those things in the way described, then he is a fringe radical in the
party, which are endemic to both parties, but not a representative of the
republican party in general. On the other hand, I have met Mr. Whitacre on
several occasions and he does not seem to be the type that would make such
comments in this way. Based on my experience with our local press,
especially what I have seen from this particular publication, it would not
surprise me if these quotes were taken wildly out of context, or made up
altogether. I have learned many times over that you cannot believe most of
what is reported in the media, especially in newspapers. The use of quotes
does not make the quoted statement accurate or true. Reporters and/or
editors seem to have few scruples and "ethics" seems to be just a word to use
in cross word puzzles. Perhaps I am a bit jaded as the result of dealing
with the press on various issues both professionally and personally where I
have been misquoted and have had quotes made up out of whole cloth and
attributed to me. In one case, a reporter purported to quote me when I had
never spoken with that reporter and had never spoken in the same room with
the reporter.

My friend, I'm no Jayson Blair. Everything I wrote was in its context and true. But now, I have to go hang out with the RP.

domingo, maio 25, 2003

Googoosh last night with the RP was the funnest concert I've been to in a while. Googoosh was absolutely enchanting. She even belted a jaw-dropping version of "La Malaguena." How did this Persian Penelope know this is one of my favorite songs?

Before that, we ate at a great Indian restaurant. See the menu for yourself.

sábado, maio 24, 2003

If you're looking for my articles this week, scroll down!

More Rotten.com wisdom...

Buddhist and Taoist talismans and medals (featuring mandalas, yin-yangs, Chinese and Japanese alphabet symbols, or I-Ching hexes) are very popular with enlightened Westerners, a small minority of whom are rumored to have taken the time to learn what the symbols mean before buying a pendant or having it permanently tattooed on their bodies (this claim could not be independently verified).
Subtle Rotten.com history about Jemaah Islamiah...

Listeners thought an armed revolution sounded pretty good, as poor and generally oppressed people often do. Bashir found enough support to create a boarding school in Java, whose motto, "Death in the way of Allah is our highest aspiration," should tell you everything you need to know about its curriculum.

sexta-feira, maio 23, 2003

This story is so sad, no cynicism inflected on my part.

If the UN doesn't protect the pygmies, who will?
If you're looking for my articles this week, scroll down!

Saw Sweet and Tender Hooligans last night at the Knitting Factory with SB and BQ of LA Weekly. DT joined us then bailed. Apostate. Sweet and Tender were fab as always, but more importantly played my favorite Smiths tune "Headmaster Ritual." I was the only one in the packed house (well, SB also) who seemed to enjoy that song. Everyone else doesn't know what they're missing.

At one point I got into the pit and held my own amongst wife-beater-wearin' ogres. But I got out of it once I noticed the floor was slippery with beer, glass shards, and gladiolas. Nevertheless, I danced, I sang along ("Sir sends the troops, jealous of you/Same old thing since 1962!"), and I enjoyed myself immensely. See? I do have fun at concerts, contrary to what other people have said about me.

To school, then to work. After that, school for the weekend.

Though I walk home alone/my faith in love is still devout

quinta-feira, maio 22, 2003

More news from This Day in Rotten History...

May 22 337
Emperor Constantine dies. Although quite dead, his embalmed corpse continues to act as head of state, receving state dignitaries and daily reports from ministers as if nothing had changed. Constantine's macabre leadership continues through winter.
My "official" website still does not work, so here are the stories for this week...


CD review of Yerba Buena's President Alien: "With their debut, President Alien, the seven-person collective has produced an album of such aural ingenuity, such mishmashing of dance styles, and such just-plain-ol’ funky fun it should permanently rouse the Big Manzana from its post-Sept. 11 doldrums."

CD review of local artist Luis Gabriel Barbosa: "Here We Belong finds Barbosa manipulating his muse toward various pursuits, whether the acoustic niceties of the title track, some bluesy interludes on 'Wasted Away' or gentle electric strums like 'Stoned.'

Googoosh: "The singer/actress/cultural icon is performing again after years of government-imposed retirement, and a Persian exile community that has longed for Tehran with Googoosh as a soundtrack every day since 1979 has re-embraced her with so much fervor—selling out amphitheaters, buying reissues of long-forgotten CDs and crying nonstop—that the chanteuse can only offer herself in return."


Nativo Lopez's new career as a newspaper columnist: "With no current political influence other than his job as president of the immigrant-rights association Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, López has embarked on a new career as a columnist. Through his op-ed pieces, López intends to do what he did in his six years on the SAUSD board of trustees: rankle a status quo he says seeks to oppress Latinos."


Five great places to eat outdoors: "The following restaurants offer their own beautiful take on the pluses of eating outdoors, whether they be crisp skies, luscious greenery or the bounty of flesh displayed by unashamed boys and girls. Food? Who cares with scenery like this?"

The rest of me is fine...as fine as someone who just lost two friends to cancer, is finishing school, and contemplating life heavily can be. I'm fine.
Good things happen to good people...I think.

quarta-feira, maio 21, 2003

I suffer from the strangest condition--the 24-hour flu. Yesterday, I couldn't even sit up without feeling queasy. Today, I'm fine. Is this the onset of some terminal disease?

My website is still not up. I'm not sure why.

terça-feira, maio 20, 2003

This is just hilarious.

How can any government official still allow a name like Nigger Jim Hammock Bridge to exist?!
For the first time in a while, I'm feeling worse physically than mentally or emotionally. I'm freaking sick and I don't know what it is.

segunda-feira, maio 19, 2003

We buried CC today in a touching ceremony at St. Anne's in--fittingly enough--Santa Ana. She was buried in Holy Sepulchre Cementary in what seems to be the last vestiges of wilderness in Orange County. I marvelled at the marsh to the north of us until a friend let me know the land I was standing on had been marsh also a couple of years ago. Ah, progress.

There were many tears shed today--only glistened eyes on my behalf. Not that I wasn't sad. But CC is someone I don't have to worry about praying for her eternal soul. She's already with God reprimanding Him in some sort of way. She was bossy in that friendly fashion.

The Chapman MEChA was there also, people I hadn't seen in nearly two years. It was nice to see them together again. Too bad the death of a dear friend of ours was the motivator behind our impromptu reunion. Seeing them made me realize I've been neglectful in my personal relationships. Not email, mind you: send me one and I shall respond ASAP. But I need to talk to more people in person.

Two more weeks...

There shall be no philosophical meandering on death from me. Read Job and Ecclesiastes for my feelings.
Ain't this a doozy.

So the Jessica Lynch rescue was scripted. Not a surprise there.

domingo, maio 18, 2003

It seems my website is down. Ain't that a gas?
Politeness no longer exists in this modern world.

sábado, maio 17, 2003

Some news from the world courtesy of Daily Rotten...

Apparently, the discharge of effluvia is a standard of Chinese culture.

My question is: which Chinese culture?

Colombians rapping once they're captured by Colombian port authorities.

This looks like a Jayson Blair story if I've ever heard one. For instance, what were the lyrics?

So college students chuck tortillas at themselves in the University of Arizona.

Good for them. As a Hispanic American, my only comment is send 'em along my way.

Know that I don't call myself a Hispanic-American. I don't call myself anything, period. The previous reference to such an ethnic category was done in order to expose the Internet's shortcomings regarding the lack of tone that assists sarcasm.

So Bill Gates and Tom Brokaw get their coffee free because of their celebrity status.

How about a free horchata for me? My mom thinks I'm cool.
Spent last evening at RM and MS's half-house celebrating the birthday of AAS. We surprised her, which was fitting since she had been dictating her surprises all this past week. Sucker!

It was a grand old time, worsened by the fact that everyone smoked except me. "Come on, submit to peer pressure!" urged AAS, even using the bargaining chip that a smoke by me would be an apt birthday present. I gave her $20 instead.
So strange...the record for most blog hits for a week was broken today. It's at 46 and counting.

sexta-feira, maio 16, 2003

The human memory is amazing. I hadn't tasted liver since I was a child until yesterday, when I had it as part of a Romanian dish called tournedo rizota (or something like that). I remember liver being as too soft, a certain acrid taste that can't be washed off even with ice. I was right.
The Cal State Fullerton reader responds...

Dropping you a line from Cal State Fullerton. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who reads your blog on campus, how can you tell the computer used was from CSUF anyway? Want to know how I ended up reading your blog? First I started reading some of your stuff in the OC Weekly, then I found some articles on the net, found your website, and finally, found the link to your 'A Week in the Life of.' Yeah, I have too much extra time on my hands. Your articles are interesting, though I don't always agree with you.

Well, there you go, I dropped you a line.

My response...

I know I have a Cal St. Fullerton reader because Big Brother is everywhere. Actually, if you click on the Saturn-like emblem on the top left of my blog, you can see who reads my blog also. The reason I got so curious was because the same computer ISDN (or whatever the locator number is called) kept popping up. I assumed it was my cousin (who is a Titan), not a stranger.

Glad to see you read my blog and my weekly articles. So which ones don't you agree with?

quinta-feira, maio 15, 2003

Here's a fascinating piece...

People who are racist may suffer a temporary lapse in mental capacity after interacting with people who are members of a racial minority.
Researchers from Princeton University and Dartmouth College found that white people with a high degree of racial basis experienced a decrease in "executive function" after spending time talking with black people. Their research appears in the May issue of Psychological Science.

Executive function is a key element of thought that involves the ability to fix attention on certain, high-level mental tasks.

The study included 59 white college students. They were given a test to assess the degree of racial bias in their thinking. The students then spent time talking with either a black or a white person and afterwards were given a test that measured their ability to concentrate on a challenging mental task.

The more racially biased the students were, the worse they did on the mental task after speaking with a black person. But racially biased students who spoke with a white person, even if they discussed racially sensitive issues, had no decline in mental function.

"When you have to control your behavior, it takes a lot of energy. And if you expend energy in a social interaction, then you don't have so much left over to do something else," researcher Nicole Shelton says in a news release..

Does this mean we should isolate racists, then, or do we subject them to further minority exposure and let their brain cells die in hatred? I don't have an answer to that, but I'd assume the study was done for a reason other than to prove that people function less effectively when distracted by what they hate
Rest in peace, CC. The world wasn't meant for your presence.

quarta-feira, maio 14, 2003

Went to a fundraiser tonight for Claudia Alvarez, who's running for the 69th Assembly District seat that's to be available next year. NGF has been running the show for her since 2000, and let me tell you, NGF's knows politics. Unfortunately, NGF was sick tonight, and has a lot of things weighing on his mind right now. Pray for NGF--and especially CC, who looks like she's not going to make it.

Afterwards, went to my boss's house to visit his boss. I think the mega-boss was impressed by me. Then again (as I told the RP), I can tell when someone doesn't like me but never when someone likes me. And that, oh my brothers and sisters, isn't good.
By the way...

Someone is reading this blog from the same computer through the Cal State Fullerton servers. Send this cat an email and reveal your inquirious self!
My eating too much has caught up to me this morning.

End result: my innards are plummeting faster than the New York Mets in the NL East.

terça-feira, maio 13, 2003

For some reason, I like stories in which animals go on a rampage and attack humans.This one fills my dark desire nicely.

segunda-feira, maio 12, 2003

I've realized that I'm only tired and fatigued when I'm feeling low. If nothing is bothering me, I'm my usual energetic self. If I'm actually happy in every possible way--a time in my life that happens as often as a planetary alignment--I'm also energetic. Something bringing me down? I got to sleep before 11 and my work is not my best. Guess what this week is?

But the most remarkable part? I don't give up. I didn't want to study yesterday for my anthropology class since I'm suffering from a severe case of senioritis. Yet I persisted, read a boring article a second time, and managed to whip a music piece into shape.

Don't ask if I studied for my difficult Spanish exam, please.
An op/ed piece in today's Los Angeles Times alledging a vast left-wing conspiracy to distort history.

The problem with the lady's article is it offers no proof. Allegations? Filled with them. But a column making such an attack should be put under tighter scrutiny than such gems as:

For instance, every textbook acknowledges that the enslavement of Africans by the West was a great crime. However, when describing slavery in the Middle East or Africa, many claim that it was a path to upward career mobility or a chance to join a new family.

Really? How's about a passage to corroborate such claims?
Not as good today as I was yesterday at this point. But still relatively fine.

domingo, maio 11, 2003

And now, some Rotten.com history...

May 11 1907

A train derailment outside Lompoc, California kills 32 Shriners. Their chartered train jumps off the tracks at a switch near Surf Depot. Many of them were scalded to death when the steam boiler ruptured. No word on the fates of their groovy fezzes.
Wise words of the day, courtesy of a woman from Guerrero...

Those who speak kindly of you, admire of you. Those who speak bad of you, envy you.

New feature of this website! I'm going to enter things that I consider can only happen to myself. For example...


At a company picnic, everyone in my group--all six of us--won a prize in a raffle contest...except me.

Weird, stupid things like that happen all the time. So without further ado...


Went to the Centro Cultural de Mexico tonight with my parents in honor of Mother's Day. Every table had a beautiful candle as lighting...except mine.

There's many such moments in my life. As I remember them, I shall post them.

sábado, maio 10, 2003

Concert yesterday, concert today, writing all the time, and studying in the meanwhile. Life is hectic, but good!

sexta-feira, maio 09, 2003

This entire week was spent at UCLA chasing down my various advisors. They all returned the papers that I'll be submitting as part of my MA requirements. They liked them, with only a few corrections and comments on their behalf. Now I can start on my anthropology piece!!

Spent last night at JC Fandango enjoying a rock urbano show. They are by far the most entertaining shows imaginable. What strikes me the most is that so many people showed up--and these are people who will not show up for other performances. The Latino community is segregated, not just by ethnic lines but by music. God bless diversity.

Am going to UCLA right now to take a Spanish test. No snickering, please: grammatical Spanish annoys me and that's what the test is about. Afterwards, barrelling down the 405 to work, then up to Huntingon Park for a concert. Life is hectic--and lonely.

Four more weeks...

quinta-feira, maio 08, 2003


Once all the accredited Christians have been whisked away to heaven, they'll break out the popcorn and laugh at us poor heathens who have been left behind to do their dirty work, namely defeating the forces of Satan on Earth. Once we've all fought and died in the battle against the Antichrist, the Real Christians will then return to the Earth in transfigured form to run things and steal our oil supply.

You might assume from all this that the future Rapturees are uncharitably blase about our unwashed little lives, but nothing could be further from the truth. True believers often considerately put bumper stickers on their cars warning the rest of us that their vehicle may suddenly careen out of control if they are whisked off to heaven during rush hour, so that we can sensible keep a couple extra carlengths between us and them.
More Rotten.com insight...

According to the true believers, the Rapture is an event in which only accredited and certifiably saved followers of Christ will be instantly transported to heaven, leaving the rest of us pathetic fuckers down here to fend for ourselves (I include you in this group, because you're visiting Rotten.com, which means the odds are very good indeed that you won't be getting a free ride, if you catch my drift).
From the Rotten.com library...

Modern Pakistan didn't spring into existence overnight. It took millennia of determined effort to transform a lovely piece of real estate into the terrorist-infested, poverty-stricken, nuclear-armed, corrupt-dictatorship shithole that it is today.

quarta-feira, maio 07, 2003

Poor Argentina. Fuck Carlos Menem. I think it's funny that most of Argentina is voting not necessarily for Nelson Kirchner, but against the possibility of a Menem presidency.This article reveals the curious polls revealing this and also reports that Menem's own party is pleading with him to drop out of the race. Menem--being the egotistical Jew killer that he is--refuses.
Too busy to really write now...not to mention too perplexed.

terça-feira, maio 06, 2003

Vincentico of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs was fab today at the Knitting Factory. He's supposed to perform at JC Fandango tomorrow. Am supposed to see him along with Babasonicos with the RP. So many supposed to's.

I'm in good spirits but I'm sore. Worked out yesterday with the RP. My pockets hurt.

segunda-feira, maio 05, 2003

Sometimes I'm happy and sometimes I'm miserable.

A double bed and a stalwart lover for sure,
These are the riches of the poor.

Guess what? I'm not.

sábado, maio 03, 2003

Have done a lot of writing today, will have to do more writing tomorrow--in fact, for the rest of my life.

Am about to head off to LA with BQ to attend a BRU fundraiser. It should bring back unpleasant memories.

sexta-feira, maio 02, 2003

This better be a fucking prank.

First, playing cards to earmark our wanted. Now, a day set aside to counterbalance May Day. This administration is childish--but ruthlessly brilliant. May God have mercy on us all.
Great issue this week from The Nation, a rag sometimes unfairly criticized as being too dry. Unfortunately, a limited amout of articles can be found on-line so I cannot provide all the links. Some of the highlights this week include a review of radically rethought comic books (turns out the Thing from the is Jewish for starters--it follows that he'd be compared to the Golem) and a great piece making parallels between this administration and the last Republican-turn-of-the-century presidency. Of course, I already did it through food.

Much writing to come this weekend. Hopefully, some fun also.

quinta-feira, maio 01, 2003

I was going to write something, then I forgot.

All is well on my part. Just have to trudge through the sludge.