A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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sexta-feira, maio 23, 2003

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Saw Sweet and Tender Hooligans last night at the Knitting Factory with SB and BQ of LA Weekly. DT joined us then bailed. Apostate. Sweet and Tender were fab as always, but more importantly played my favorite Smiths tune "Headmaster Ritual." I was the only one in the packed house (well, SB also) who seemed to enjoy that song. Everyone else doesn't know what they're missing.

At one point I got into the pit and held my own amongst wife-beater-wearin' ogres. But I got out of it once I noticed the floor was slippery with beer, glass shards, and gladiolas. Nevertheless, I danced, I sang along ("Sir sends the troops, jealous of you/Same old thing since 1962!"), and I enjoyed myself immensely. See? I do have fun at concerts, contrary to what other people have said about me.

To school, then to work. After that, school for the weekend.

Though I walk home alone/my faith in love is still devout