A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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quinta-feira, maio 22, 2003

My "official" website still does not work, so here are the stories for this week...


CD review of Yerba Buena's President Alien: "With their debut, President Alien, the seven-person collective has produced an album of such aural ingenuity, such mishmashing of dance styles, and such just-plain-ol’ funky fun it should permanently rouse the Big Manzana from its post-Sept. 11 doldrums."

CD review of local artist Luis Gabriel Barbosa: "Here We Belong finds Barbosa manipulating his muse toward various pursuits, whether the acoustic niceties of the title track, some bluesy interludes on 'Wasted Away' or gentle electric strums like 'Stoned.'

Googoosh: "The singer/actress/cultural icon is performing again after years of government-imposed retirement, and a Persian exile community that has longed for Tehran with Googoosh as a soundtrack every day since 1979 has re-embraced her with so much fervor—selling out amphitheaters, buying reissues of long-forgotten CDs and crying nonstop—that the chanteuse can only offer herself in return."


Nativo Lopez's new career as a newspaper columnist: "With no current political influence other than his job as president of the immigrant-rights association Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, López has embarked on a new career as a columnist. Through his op-ed pieces, López intends to do what he did in his six years on the SAUSD board of trustees: rankle a status quo he says seeks to oppress Latinos."


Five great places to eat outdoors: "The following restaurants offer their own beautiful take on the pluses of eating outdoors, whether they be crisp skies, luscious greenery or the bounty of flesh displayed by unashamed boys and girls. Food? Who cares with scenery like this?"

The rest of me is fine...as fine as someone who just lost two friends to cancer, is finishing school, and contemplating life heavily can be. I'm fine.