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segunda-feira, junho 30, 2003

More asbestos! More asbestos! More asbestos! More asbestos!

When it rains, it pours. Such is life.

domingo, junho 29, 2003

Word to the wise--don't eat an apple pie, Zingers, and chocolate milk in one sitting. It will not do anyone good.

In other words--my paranoia will get the best of me one day. Let's pray to God it doesn't mess up my life. I've been lucky so far. But look can only save you so many times.

sábado, junho 28, 2003

Ah, isn't life so fucking mercurial?!

You're happy one moment, furious the next, uncertain of everything.

I don't even know why I delude myself into thinking it's something else. And yet I do, and thus my heart hardens. Yeah, right. It just gets rawer and rawer.

In a way, this is good. Just motivates me more, puts more anger in my engine. Anger is what fuels me. Yeah, right.

It's all love, baby. Why do I even pretend otherwise?
Check out this strange story regarding the discovery of a dead German three years after the fact.

The most disturbing detail is the following sentence:

Germany often reports cases of people lying dead in their homes for months or years before discovery, a phenomenon sociologists attribute to mounting social isolation and the disintegration of the family.

My ultra-conservative thought for the day...

A country cannot exist without a strong nuclear family. People need to engage in personal social bonds in order to make society work.

Nestor Kirchner is proving too good to be true.

How can a man beat Menem, make the military junta resign, repeal the pardon these men enjoyed, force Argentina's chief justice to step down, and reopen the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires that killed 85 people?

It might be time for me to put up a picture of the man next to my Virgen. But I'm working on too many articles right now to do anything.

sexta-feira, junho 27, 2003

Am supposed to see Slowrider tonight with CS. Even is she doesn't go, I have to since I'm writing a review on the band. Good band, but never have seen them live. We shall see...

In the meanwhile, I found an Islamic Chinese restaurant in Tustin!

quinta-feira, junho 26, 2003

The advertisements for Charlie's Angels are amongst the most annoying segments of celluloid I've ever come across. Gnashing teeth like gorillas, Bernie Mac licking a surfboard (Kings of Comedy, where are ye?), ass-slapping burlesque piece, Demi Moore, Charlie's Angels confirms that the world is a hell hole.

I'm actually OK, having just combated an unexpected case of Steve Blass Disease, although in my case it was through writing rather than winning games for the Pittsburg Pirates. Now that I think about it, the 70s were very much a dynastic decade. You had the Reds dominating the NL West for a while only to be supplanted by the Dodgers for two years, the Pirates making the NLCS at least three times, Kansas City winning three AL West titles in a row, the Oakland A's winning three World Series in a row while the Yankees appeared in three (winning in '77-'78), and even the Orioles winning the Series in 1970, losing in 1971 and 1979 to the Pirates. Very strange...

In the meanwhile, Strom Thurmond died. Somewhere, Trent Lott weeps.
Hmm...Blogger has switched formats. Let's just hope it didn't mess everything up. My thoughts to come soon...

segunda-feira, junho 23, 2003

I'm not sure what's wrong with me write now. No, I did not spell the word wrong.
More news from Daily Rotten...

Jun 23 1996

A story by Watergate reporter Bob Woodward in the Washington Post reveals to the world that First Lady Hillary Clinton employed psychic Jean Houston to help her get in touch with her inner "Eleanor Roosevelt." We elect freaks, people.

sábado, junho 21, 2003

For some reason I'm incredibly tired. Yet I trudge on...

sexta-feira, junho 20, 2003

This has not been the most enjoyable of weeks. Disappointment abound, then coupled with some choice insults and even a threatened revocation. Isn't the post-graduate life grand?

The only good moment of yesterday/today so far was my dinner with AC and AG. They took me to El Curtido in Santa Ana in honor of my graduation--and also because they wouldn't be able to attend my shindig this Sunday. We hadn't talked in a while, but we picked up where we left off--arguing. I sure do argue a lot, but is it for the sake of arguing? I don't think so. I'm a very proud person and I don't like to give up my principles simply to please another person. I'll negotiate and compromise, but I'll never give up my beliefs.

Case in point: I talked to BQ yesterday about my ex, the infamous !. The first time me and BQ met was also the last night I ever talked to !. The very first conversation me and BQ had was an argument regarding the use of "illegal immigrant." He found that offensive, instead using "undocumented worker." We went at it in a civil matter. !, however, was livid. She had always been opposed to my use of illegal immigrant for vague lefty purposes. In retrospect, me and BQ decided last night, that conversation we had outside a donut shop near MacArthur Park was a trap set up by !. I knew she set it up also, but I wasn't going to give in.

Another case in point: My girlfriend during my Chapman years hated the fact that I buttoned up my jackets to the top button. She once told me to stop doing that; not buttoning it at all or only halfway would be acceptable for her. My response: I took off my jacket, this being in the rain, telling her in no uncertain terms that I would not do something so frivolous. Maybe that's why women keep dumping me...but I will not please people for petty reasons. I will be substantial.

In the meanwhile, I am seriously peeved. Appreciation is a desire not usually met in my life.

quinta-feira, junho 19, 2003

I am sure not enjoying life right now.

quarta-feira, junho 18, 2003

Fantastic story on Nestor Kirchner's efforts to bring the Dirty War into the spotlight.

I'm not sure why the Dirty War fascinates me so at the expense of other Latin American tragedies like the 1968 Mexico City student massacre or the Shining Path insurgency of the 1980s. I think it stems from the nature of the Dirty War. The 30,000 desaparecidos weren't killed in broad daylight; no one knows how each died. Few were buried. Many were dumped off helicopters.

A certain friend of mine likes what that other hijo de puta Agusto Pinochet did in Chile and wondered if maybe sometimes we need to go through evil in order to obtain good. Such a thought horrifies me. Evil of any kind is never good. Evil is evil and if you ever engage in it, you are irredeemable.

Enough for now. Off to see Yerba Buena with the RP. God bless Nestor Kirchner and may Carlos Menem see more shame soon.

terça-feira, junho 17, 2003

So much work, some of it beneficial to society.

domingo, junho 15, 2003

I think I get mad too often. Then again, my anger is what drives me. JT once deemed me "Mr. Intensity" because he said I was governed by this insatiable urge to always be aware.

Why do I say this? I'm not particularly sure. Then again, I get angry only because there are reasons to be angry about. No stupidities in this world, no anger on my behalf.

sábado, junho 14, 2003

More from This Day in Rotten History

Jun 14 1961

1980s pop music star Boy George is born in Kent, England. As he later comes to describe his childhood, "I had five brothers and I was brought up drinking the same water and being fed the same doctrine as my brothers, but somehow I turned out to be a fabulous homosexual."

sexta-feira, junho 13, 2003

The more I'm reading up on Illinois, the more convinced I am that it's a fucked-up state. Phyllis Schlafley hails from the place, as does Richard Daley. Now check out this article.

I think it's hilarious--then again, I think the Klu Klux Klan are a bunch of idiots.

Y'know what? I'm saving my writing skills for something that pays well.

quinta-feira, junho 12, 2003

Magnificent article on man's history with booze.

Must give credit to PSS for the link to that one.

quarta-feira, junho 11, 2003

Greatest disavowal of government responsibility ever.

I loved the Benny Hill show when I was young. Used to watch it with my mom, an upstanding Catholic, so it can't be all raunchy. This is the woman who nearly killed me for watching Weekend at Bernie's because it had a woman in a bikini.

segunda-feira, junho 09, 2003

Want to know how many books I own?

Recently ordered another shipment from Barnes and Noble. One came today--then I realized I already owned it. Before purchasing the book, I looked in its appropiate section in my bookshelf to see if I owned it. It wasn't. Turned out I looked in the wrong section of my bookshelf. It wasn't in my "Mexican/Latino" section, it was in my "Immigration" section two shelves up.

I'm such a dork.
My paper is finished. Now all I have to do is present it and get on with my life...wherever that may take me.

domingo, junho 08, 2003

Tomorrow is my day of liberation.

May I survive it.
This is what our government is reduced to?!

Because Iraq concealed its banned weapons so well (emphasis mine), it will take time to interview scientists and pore over seized documents to find the hiding places, say Bush administration officials who reject charges the White House overplayed prewar intelligence to justify the invasion.

Here's the full story.
This should get a jihad issued against Daily Rotten...

Jun 8 632

The prophet Mohammed, founder of Islam, dies in Mecca. One can safely assume he is at this moment reclining on a soft couch somewhere in Paradise, being serviced by a high-bosomed virgin with dark eyes.

sábado, junho 07, 2003

I am better now. Tends to happen when you eat a salteña.
Sorry for the non-postings these past couple of hours. I was publishing, however Blogger was down.

But as the last couple of posts attest, I'm miserable.
How about now?

sexta-feira, junho 06, 2003

Yet again...
I'm antiquated in my morals.

Too fucking bad.
Is this finally working?
I'm still not better.
So will the Creator finally allow me to publish on this infernal mechanism?

quinta-feira, junho 05, 2003

It's amazing how cruel God can be.
Just writing away...

quarta-feira, junho 04, 2003

My friend is a bloody Islam hater. But my, how he loves Middle Eastern cuisine!

Round up the ragheads but keep their hummus, eh?
I didn't see a hummingbird, although I'm sure someone did for me.

Thank you.

Almost there...

terça-feira, junho 03, 2003

Tomorrow is my day of reckoning.

God, have mercy on me.
Had lunch today at a proto-Buca di Beppo with NGF today in Orange. Food was pretty good, although the pizza sauce wanted to emerge but just didn't have the energy to.

It's interesting how close I've gotten to NGF and the rest of the Chapman Chums. Granted, I was friends with them at Chapman but I didn't think they would be the ones I talked to on a weekly basis. In fact, they are going to turn out to be my only college friends ever. I made none at OCC (JAM doesn't count) or UCLA. But I made some great ones at Chapman. I feel blessed.

Afterwards went to talk to Rueben Martinez of Libreria Martinez. He's always so happy to see me for some reason--for honest reasons, though. He's one of the few mentors I have. Good man with plans to take his small store to bigger places--but always with a focus on OC.

He gave me the most curious compliment, saying that I'm way too smart for county readers. I didn't agree with him--honestly, I don't--but I didn't understand what he meant by that. And when I told him I still need a couple more years of experience, he gave me this disapproving look. I do need more experience and I shall get it soon. But first, let's graduate!
This quote's a goodie. From the Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa...

"Seeking to impose a cultural identity on a people is equivalent to locking them in a prison and denying them the most precious of liberties -- that of choosing what, how, and who they want to be."

And that's what I've taken from two years at UCLA.

segunda-feira, junho 02, 2003

I am so nervous, I am so nervous, I am so nervous.

If I don't pass, I'm screwed.

I know my concerns are the least important amongst those of my friends right now. But please pray for me.

Who am I writing this to? No one and everyone.

My pockets hurt.

domingo, junho 01, 2003

Turns out the Benjamin Franklin kite-flying experiment was a hoax.

Sad--that was one of my favorite childhood myths. As you get older, the world is debunked and revealed to be a terrifying place.

Went out with two of the Fabulous G Sisters and CF to go see Citizen Kane in the moldy oldie Bay Theater in Seal Beach. Had a blast showing the girls the parts in the film that the Simpsons have paid homage to.

Lobo, Lobo, bring back Sheriff Lobo!
Have I ever posted the following comment on abortion from the Rotten.com Library? If I have, oh well--it deserves extra publicity...

Nobody ever mentions the silent victims of the abortion debate: the makers of wire coat hangers. They really just want to be left out of it. But at every Pro-Choice rally you can find depictions of their product prominently adorning buttons, t-shirts, and placards.