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sábado, julho 19, 2003

Dos Coronas Pa' Mi Madre...

Yet another letter of praise, this one from a colleague. No response follows--no response needed...

And I wanted to tell you: your dancing cover was wonderful, the story you did on the Iranian pop star was fascinating, adn the story you turned in yesterday was a) historically informative, and b) able to describe very beautifully what the works looked like (this is something a lot of art critics can't do to save their lives). Keep up the good work!

The last piece she's referring to is yet to be published. Check it out next week

In the meanwhile, here's a slightly disturbing email regarding my Vietnamese-Latina brawl article...

Just finished reading the article and it reminded me of many memories of the past with Latino and Vietnamese relations. Not much has changed. I remember my family working in nursery's and in assembly lines, they would get laid off after their first two weeks on the job and without a check. When asked about their check they were threatened with deportation.

The list goes on to high school racial fights to racial slurs against mexicans. From observation and from given testimonies from the vietnamese their viewpoint towards mexicans are that we are dirty, lazy, uneducated, uncompetitive, illegal and so on.

Since their arrival 20 years ago as refugees I would comment that they have a lack of understanding of the history of the Chicano- Mexican People. Let alone the fact of Indian History. As Indian People say welcome to Indian Country. I don't know if the understanding of how Indians and Chicanos have ties to
these lands and that is why we are here. I think they view us this way because of what they see in the news about us.

I would not regret to say that the Vietnamese do carry racism against the Mexicans and I would say because of the image that they see of us without the
understanding of our long history that we have had here in the US.

My response...

I agree with everything you said, especially your points regarding the media's depiction of Chicanos, Mexicanos, and Indian people. At the same time, lot of nuestra gente stereotype Asians as being cruel, stingy, and aloof even though some of them might be in the same financial background as us. The only thing we can do is to ditch the ethnic animosity and united under class.


I very much dislike the columnist Amy Alkon. Well, not dislike her. But I do not find her amusing at all. She tries to be a modern-day Ann Landers/Dear Abby but comes off as a red-headed, unfunny version of Dave Barry. OK, so I'm not good at similes.


Had breakfast today with PSS and NGF at Watson's Drugs in Orange. It was interestingly void of rancor as previous get-togethers, although affirmative action was debated. Both upstanding people and Chapman chums.

Afterwards, went to hear state Senator Joe Dunn speak on his efforts to win compensation for the millions of Mexicans who were illegally deported during the 1930s. No comment on my behalf--articles to come that shall speak of my opinion.

Now, articles time!

I'm including this one in its entirety, only because I suspect it's some kind of misprint.

Title of Honorary Citizen awarded to Kim Jong Il

Pyongyang, July 16 (KCNA) - General Secretary Kim Jong Il was awarded the title of Honorary Citizenship and received a gift from Nezauacoyotl city, Mexico. Written on the certificate of citizenship are letters: "The Nezauacoyotl city hall presents this certificate of honorary citizenship to the great leader of the Korean people H.E. Kim Jong Il in recognition of his contribution to the friendship and cultural development between the peoples of Mexico and the DPRK. July 9, 2003."

Mayor of the city Gildardo Gonzalez Bautista together with the leading officials of the city hall visited the DPRK embassy in Mexico city on July 9 to hand them over to the ambassador.

The mayor said on the occasion that the officials and citizens of the city boundlessly revered Kim Jong Il wisely leading the Korean people in their daring struggle against the u.s. arbitrary practice and had decided to register him as an honorary citizen of the city in token of their unanimous desire.

It is the greatest honor and pride for him and all the citizens to register him as an honorary citizen, he stated.

But if that's not a fake, then what to make of this article saying three-year old Mark Walker has been signed to a Reebok deal?

Here's the clincher to that story...

As well as his own website, Reebok have filmed an advert and arranged for him to appear on television shows.

And if the company have their way, Mark will not be the last on the production line.

They are now looking for the next pint-sized prodigy.

Reebok's website said: "Lots of kids can do amazing things. Sometimes they do truly amazing things. Sound like your child? Describe what your son or daughter can do below and send it to us at Reebok. If you have a tape capturing that special skill live, send that in, too."

An examination of said press release reveals the following telling excerpt...

Building off the success of Reebok's latest viral campaign "Terry Tate: Office Linebacker," (my emphasis) Reebok will launch on line film clips including: Mark sinking a remarkable 18 straight shots in a row, talking about his favorite things, making shots at regulation height, and footage of Mark shooting hoops at only 21 months old.

Terry Tate is the linebacker who drills wonks in their offices during Reebok commercials. Amusing pitches, but nevertheless pitches. And here is the fake prodigy's website. Pinche cochinada.

Penthouse Magazine is going the way of the dodo.

In an infamous article detailing how porno was my salvation, I mention that a Penthouse I found let my cousin get two A's on high school papers. I lied--it got me two A's. And now, Penthouse is gone. A tragedy, really--where else am I going to get my piss pictorial fix?

Editor's note: Gustavo is not into water games of a sexual nature. They are vile. Gustavo prefers his sex...ha, wouldn't you like to know, you filthy bastard! Now, back to the random musings...

People try to smuggle in monkey meat and other exotic meat cuts.

What bothers me about this article is the constant referral to "bushmeat." Apparently for the writer, "bushmeat" is any meat not contaminated by preservatives, chemicals, hormones, and other goodies that fuck with our innards. Then again, meat ain't so great for the digestive track. Then again...carne asada!

People get angry because the Vatican dares enforce a dress code.

Stupid line of the year...

“I am born naked and the church wants me to be wearing pants,” Danish tourist Kenneth Bergen, 53, proclaimed to a throng of would-be visitors who had been turned back. Bergen had just bought a pair of paper pants.

Have respect, you idiotic Dane. Even if you're anti-clerical, anti-Catholic, respect the fact that the Church owns its properties...and so forth. No time to elaborate.

Now it's time to sleep. Tomorrow, Tijuana to take the folks. Oy vey.