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sábado, julho 05, 2003

Goes to show that anti-immigrant sentiment is a worldwide phenomenon, as shown by this article commenting on the deaths of swans in England...

Here is the money passage...

Police have swooped on a group of East Europeans — and caught them red-handed about to cook a pair of Royal swans.

The asylum seekers were barbecuing a duck in a park in Beckton, East London.

But two dead swans were also found — concealed in bags and ready to be roasted.

The discovery last weekend confirmed fears that immigrants are regularly scoffing the Queen’s birds.

A Metropolitan Police report explained: “European gangs attract them with bait before luring them into traps for food.”

The scandal comes after complaints by anglers that hungry asylum seekers are stripping our rivers of fish.

Steve Knight, of Surrey’s Swan Sanctuary, said: “Poaching of swans is becoming a serious problem. It is happening mainly around London but we have also had reports from Wiltshire, Hertfordshire and Essex.

“Sadly it seems that some people coming into the country have been ignoring our custom of leaving these beautiful birds alone. (my emphasis)

Funny thing about this article is that there's a sidebar describing how to properly cook a swan and revealed that Henry VIII loved roasted swan.

And here's the winner!...

A police source said: “It’s tragic that people from abroad don’t respect our traditions.”