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domingo, julho 20, 2003

I Can't Believe It's not a Law Firm!

Some mail from a loyal reader regarding my previous blog...

I just finished reading your blog, which I find terribly interesting by the way, and let me just say that you are the first guy that I have ever known not to enjoy a lap dance, which I say, "right on!!!" You actually "get it!" And I don't agree w/ what you ex said about loving like a girl....you love like people should love...and understand it's something so much more extraordinary than any lap dance could ever be. Why the hell aren't there more of you out there?!?

My response...

Thanks for the nice words regarding my sentiments. I'm not sure what to tell you regarding your plea at the end. There's not that many people who think like me, period, as my escapade to the Boogie showed. Glad to know you think like me also.

And now, links!

There's no better story than a biting monkey.

So Matt Drudge hates Michael Ramirez also according to his post.

Michael Ramirez is the Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist for the Los Angeles Times who is obnoxious with his drawings. He's conservative--a rarity for the mostly-liberal Times--who despises the Palestinians and whole-heartedly supports Bush. His reputation is notorious amongst progressive Latinos, especially considering he his Cuban. Nevertheless, Drudge has no reason to be angry over this Ramirez illustration. I personally thought it was crass and a bit hyperbolic, but that's how all of Ramirez's cartoons are. Besides, the cartoon makes the point that Bush is in imminent danger by the Democrats and Republicans--not the case at all when we have a GOP fully behind Bush and a Democratic Party that gets more fragmented with each candidate. Sorry, NGF.

The Right tries to discredit the BBC.

My take on this ordeal is that the Blair government was pressuring the BBC to reveal its sources. When David Kelly committed suicide, the BBC could finally admit who he was since he no longer needed the cover of anonymity. Blair & Co., sensing an opportunity, is now partially blaming the BBC for Kelly's death. At least that's my take.

But it's not so demented a perspective when considering the scope of the BBC. They're all over the world, dispatching in 43 languages and have built a reputation for fair, honest reporting--definitely not the yellow journalism of Fleet Street. But because they dare report the truth in Iraq, the BBC must be dismantled. We live in perilous times for the freedom to express ourselves.

Nothing more for the day. Too much writing of one kind and not of the other. OK, maybe too much writing, period.