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sexta-feira, julho 25, 2003

The Lakers Beat the Supersonics...

Was at the gym (yes, I need to do something) when CNN was running a commercial touting some sort of defoliater. One of the results showed a woman's bikini line--one thigh with a giant rash, another with bumps.

I shook my head in disgust when I saw the image, not just because of the actualy physical discomfort the woman must have suffered in shaving herself Down There but also to the very fact that she shaved Down There in the first place and that they showed it on television. Why do you have to show that on television? People are such slaves to society's conception of what true physical beauty is. I'm not saying I like hairy legs--I don't like hairy anything. But don't advertise your smoothness--leave that to your lover.

Anywoo, I shook my head in disgust and grimaced upon seeing the image. And the guy next to me started laughing with me. He was amused that I had such a visible response but agreed with me. I shared a moment with a stranger--amazing.

But now, links!

As if Argentina didn't have enough problems, now they have to contend with a purple polar bear.

Chicago police mistake rapist for Ice Cube.

A good indicator of how star-obsessed this country is--even the police use celebrities so that the public can have a better idea of what a criminal looks like? Haven't they ever heard of phenological attributes?

No more posting on my part. I'm suddenly sad.