A Week in the Life of Gustavo

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ter├ža-feira, julho 22, 2003

Land of a Thousand Dances...

CS is finally back from Veracruz, and man, did she have stories to tell? Romantic drama between friends of hours, sleeping on the beach with luggage, and seeing El Gran Silencio for 50 freaking cents. Such is Mexico, a land that infuriates and exhilarates me.

Spent the day with her at the expense of my own work. As I explained to her, I operate on a rolling schedule that allows me to enjoy myself at any time I please. But when I do work, I work. As it turns out, I'm working on my articles right now. In a way, however, I was also working with CS--helped her pound out a press release, strategized for future events, and had Thai at Cha Thai. Potato curry is stupendous and should have me eating more.

As we were talking and arguing, a Oaxacan banda was blasting its tamborazo-like beauty. I couldn't help but to bop and reminisce about a life I never lived. I love to dance, but I rarely dance since I consider the act to be as sacred as sex. I've only danced with two strangers in my life, and both were horrible experiences. I've never kissed a stranger in my life, and we'll leave it at that.

I want to dance--I so want to dance. But there's no one to dance with--rather, no one who wants to engage in a long embrace across a polished floor. Probably 'cause I'd be stepping on her the entire time.

Concerts are to come, but here are some articles...actually, for some other day.